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konjac jelly machine|Konjac series products are favored, and the ultra-fine grinder creates high-quality konjac flour

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As people’s demand for health and body maintenance continues to increase, a series of konjac deep-processed foods have been favored by the market, which has also supported the development of the konjac industry.

As an indispensable and important raw material for deep-processed products, konjac flour has also become a processed product with the in-depth development of the upstream planting industry in recent years. Especially with the help of ultra-fine grinding equipment, the quality of konjac flour has been improved, which also lays a solid foundation for a high yield of konjac. .

Konjac has a history of more than 2,000 years of cultivation in China and is classified as a kind of potato and taro crops. It is rich in carbohydrates, protein and trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and selenium, but it also has the advantage of lower calories. Therefore, in recent years, products such as konjac flour, konjac noodles, and konjac tofu have become a major part of people’s hunger and fat reduction. choose.

What’s more worth mentioning is that konjac is also rich in glucomannan, which has a good effect in lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and enhancing immunity. In addition, it is found to provide a large amount of glucomannan. The main plant of glycan also highlights its importance.

However, the konjac known as “healthy figure” is not eaten directly after maturity. Because the whole plant is poisonous and the tuber is the most important, after maturity, it often needs to be processed, powdered, and glued before it can become edible food or raw material. Among them, the konjac powder is gelatinized with water to become transparent, colorless, and tasteless dextrin. It is used in the production of konjac noodles, konjac bread, konjac tofu, konjac noodles, etc.

It has the advantages of enhancing food elasticity, stretchability, and maintaining food color and taste. , Is a vital raw material in konjac deep-processed food.

In addition, in recent years, as the gelling properties, film-forming properties, adsorption properties, high swelling properties and health-care properties of glucomannan of konjac powder have been continuously explored, its application range is expanding.

For example, in food processing, multiple categories such as soft candies, solid beverages, and bionic foods are further expanded, and they are widely used in the chemical industry, medicine and health industry, agriculture and other fields, and have successively formed edible films, plastic wraps, capsules, sponges, and seed coatings.

Finished products such as cosmetics and skin care products play a positive role in the development of all walks of life.

With the increasing demand for konjac flour in deep processing, the upstream konjac planting industry has accelerated the development of konjac flour preparation to fully meet the downstream demand and achieve a bumper harvest and increase income through konjac processing. Generally speaking, there are two main processes for processing konjac powder: dry method and wet method.

Dry processing is obtained by crushing, separating, grinding, sieving, grading, and mixing. With the continuous improvement of the performance of crushing equipment in recent years, The quality of konjac flour has been improved.
It is understood that the current equipment used for konjac crushing is mainly an ultrafine crusher.

The ultrafine pulverizer is mainly composed of a pulverizing chamber, a classification chamber, a grinding wheel, a fan and other parts. It is a device that uses air separation, pressure grinding and shearing technologies to achieve ultrafine pulverization of materials.

In the process of konjac drying and flour milling, the ultrafine pulverizer can achieve the purpose of pulverization in a short time through high efficiency, and rely on the fluidized pulverization process to promote the konjac material to be uniformly stressed, and the processing and self-processing in a confined space Some dust removal treatment systems will also improve the environmental protection of processing. At the same time, the adjustability of powder fineness will also meet the different needs of material processing.

In recent years, compared with other agricultural products, the price of konjac can be said to have been in a relatively stable growth period, and the overall price fluctuations are not large. This also paves the way for mobilizing the enthusiasm of growers. The vigorous development of the preparation of konjac flour has also become an increase in product additions. A powerful means of value. With the further integration of the upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chains, it will boost the healthy development of the konjac industry.

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