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Biscuit for Pets | Pet food Biscuit Production Line

Biscuit for pets | pet food biscuit production line

Nowadays life is getting better and better, more and more people live with their pets. This relationship becomes more stable, more comfortable, and more responsible like families.

Along with the changing of status of pet, people do a lot for their pets. For example, to buy clothes, to buy beds even the toilet, to buy toys, and to buy pet food. However ordinary stuff is not enough to show our relationship, people wants to buy more luxurious products for their ‘kids’, such as pet treatment and biscuits.

Biscuit for pets | pet food biscuit production line

Pet owners are paying much closer attention to the health and welfare of their pets as well. This increased attention is resulting in more specialized pet food and treat formulations for life-stage, health issues and species-specific.

First developed accidentally during the 1800s, the dog biscuit snack market has grown to over $480 million in yearly sales.

Biscuit for pets | pet food biscuit production line

There are lots of food vendors to develop their pet biscuit market. In the past 5 years, pet food and pet snacks has become the largest center-of-the-store category in the beverage market, generating more than $30 billion in annual retail sales across all channels just for American market. The most famous and top vendors are Mars and Nestle. They are trying to provide a better world and high quality, science-baked nutrition and therapeutic health products for pet.

To meet the market trends, @jymachinetech experienced engineers have developed and improved our multi-functional biscuit machine. It can make not only the human biscuit, but also the pet biscuit.

Meanwhile, it can be customized according to the different customer’s condition. This biscuit machine has the below advantages:

1. Fully automatic to saving the labor and accuracy
2. Multiple customized shapes to make your product more attractive
3. GMP standards for both pet food and human food
4. Using famous electric brand for longer mechanical life
5. Providing the turn-key project for each customer
6. Annual machine care and training

Don‘’t miss the chance to be a billionaire, @jymachinetech will assistant for you in biscuit industry!

We will wait for your calling and warmly welcome to visit our factory.
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