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Candy Machine

80 Automatic Gummy Candy Production Line

  • Simple operation
  • Reasonable price
  • Temperate setting
  • Servo depositing
  • PLC adjustable size control
  • Automatic transfer to a mufti-layer cooling system
  • Automatic De-mold and transfer out
  • Digital variable temperature control
  • Free spare parts for maintain
  • Quick assembly & quicker use
  • Visual window safety production protect
  • Compact space-saving design for 13ft length
  • Modular designfor faster installnation
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This automatic gummy candy production line was built for a customer who needs to produce about 12000-21000pcs in an hour.

The gummy candy-making machine with Kitchen system can both produce Pectin, Gelatin, etc… and the candy depositing system with automatic feeding, Automatic driving for molds, Automatic depositing, Automatic De-molding, and chilling unit with reasonable price & faster delivery.

















One step cooking system

It is an automatic ingredient dissolving and mixing system for pre-cooking the syrup of candy and beverage solutions.

Mix raw materials such as sugar and glucose. Add all the raw materials into the cooker, the cooking is complete, and the syrup will be transferred to the storage tank through the pump.

The storage tank adopts a multi-layer design, and the interlayer can be filled with hot and cold water to maintain the temperature of the liquid in the tank, and cool or store different types of pectin or gelatin as a buffer tank for continuous production.

  • Milling & cooking & Storeage
  • Independent control system
  • Temperature setting
  • Stainless steel scraping stirring
  • Homogenizer
  • Digital display
  • Visual window
  • Convenient discharge
  • Quick assembly & quicker use
  • Jacketed for heating
  • Stainless steel framework, , Insulated sides.
  • Complete automation system
  • Independent control system
  • Transfer by pump & pipes
  • modularization for a quick install

Gummy-making machines can manufacture any type of gummy candies like gummy bears and more in helping gummy clients to succeed, we are an expert in gummy-making machine manufacturing.

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Kitchen system


In-line mixer or static mixer

In-line mixer or static mixer

Oil sprayer

Oil sprayer



Quick change type of molds

Quick change type of molds

Cooling Tunnel

Cooling Tunnel

De-molding system

De-molding system

Sugar sanding system

Suagr sanding system

Oil/wax polishing system

Oil:wax polishing system

Dring Plate and Trolley

Dring Plate and Trolley


Q1:  I don’t have experience & formula can you help?

-A: Yes, we are offering a full scope plan from formula to product support


Q2:  Can I make hard candy on this machine?

-A: Yes, but also taffy candy, lollipops too.


Q3: What’s the machine voltage and Amp?

-A: We customize the equipment according to your voltage, and with different voltages, we will calculate the ampere list for you.


Q4:I want to add a pharmacy inside the candies does your machine has any certificate to help me pass the FDA requirements?

-A: Yes, We have CE and used all brands by UL&EU listed in strict accordance with GMP Stander.


Q5:What else do I need to prepare does this machine need clean compressed air?

-A: C onside most of the customer’s space limit this machine only need to connect the power, save customer’s cost and complex evolution of compress airflow. Use servo more simple & smart control no need connect extra systems for the machines.


Q6: How should I set the temperature and candy weight?

-A: By control box and touch screen setting to adjust.


Q7: Do I need to move the molds to the cooling step?

-A: No, the machine is fully automatic from the depositor and cool, you only need to collect the candy and the machine exit!


Q8: Do I need some expert to install the machine?

-A: Machine electrical is by the quick coupler and easy setting on a touch screen like a smartphone or if you need we have local technical support team can help.


Q9:Whats the difference between 40 & 80?

-A:40is more shot in length so require fewer molds and less space, The biggest difference is that 40 only can make base function but 80 is a smarter system and has more capacity


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