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Machine maintenance service | biscuit processing machine

Machine maintenance service | biscuit processing machine

@jymachinetech machine maintenance service is the first company in China has this kind service shows abundant company strength.

► Annual maintenance
Each year or 2500hours we will sent our head engineer to customers factory for machine maintenance and collect customers feedback.
► Equipment maintenance locally
We have over 50 countries has agent or retail or customers willing offer this service for us.
Any our customer who been training can sign up to be our licensor.

► Different brand machine technical support
Not only Jymachine’s customer but also who bought form other brand we can also offer our technical support

► Updating machine spare parts
If our machine or any parts has updates we can also upgrade for customers

► Three-year warranty
If machine is in three year warranty,we will sent the parts immediately without any charge
biscuit processing machine

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Why Choose Us?

Shanghai Junyu started as a food equipment manufacturer specializing in various types of machinery for the food industry. Our range includes biscuit making machines, candy making machines, chocolate making machines, wafer making machines, cake making machines, packaging machines, and more. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to provide top-notch equipment to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the food manufacturing sector.

Diverse Product Range: Junyu offers a wide range of food equipment, including biscuit making machines, candy making machines, chocolate making machines, and more, catering to various needs in the food industry.
High-Quality Machinery: Junyu is committed to producing high-quality equipment, ensuring durability, reliability, and efficiency in food production processes.
Innovative Technology: With a focus on innovation, Junyu integrates advanced technology into its machines, enhancing performance and productivity for its customers.
Customization Options: Junyu provides customization options to tailor machinery according to specific customer requirements, ensuring that each machine meets the unique needs of its users.
Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the industry, Junyu has developed expertise in food equipment manufacturing, offering customers reliable products backed by industry knowledge.
Global Reach: Junyu has a global presence, serving customers worldwide and providing support and service wherever needed.

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