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Oil spray machine (including the oil filter)

At present, some biscuit manufacturers add an oil spraying machine after biscuit baking oven. This machine can improve the gloss and taste of biscuits, product quality, and increase the variety of colors. The raw material can use stable quality and mild taste refined oil. Now in China biscuit manufacturers commonly use two types oil spraying machine: 1. Nozzle type 2. Centrifugal disc-type. Our company can produce both oil spraying machines.

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Nozzle type for small production (100-600kg/hour capacity)

Oil spray machine (including the oil filter) Oil spray machine (including the oil filter)

Advantage of oil spray machine

• Multi-application for hard and soft biscuit
• Space-saving
• Easy to open for cleaning and maintenance
• SUS304 for the mesh belt, side board and recover plate material
• Adjustable oil temperature
• Adopting the famous brand for electric parts and operation parts.


Centrifugal disc-type for big production (700-1500kg/hour capacity) 

Oil spray machine (including the oil filter)

• High-speed dish collecting the excessive oil
• Connecting with separate oil dripping conveyor
• 3-layers for oil filtering
• Invert speed control
• Oil storage tank adopts the heat insulation jacket water tank
• Equipment with the British brand oil mist collector
• High efficiency and less oil consumption
• Set with many observation windows to see the spraying effect


Belt width320mm430mm630mm830mm1080mm1280mm1580mm



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