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Care and maintenance of bakery equipment

Care and maintenance of bakery equipment

Many people do not know how to properly maintain and maintain the bakery equipment. If the bakery equipment is not maintained for a long time, it is easy to cause a safety accident.

The daily maintenance of gas equipment is an important project to reduce lost work, continue production, complete tasks with quality and quantity, and improve food safety. Enterprises use the three-level maintenance system to the greatest extent in equipment maintenance. Existing maintenance, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance systems. maintain.

This is essential. Any negligence will lead to unforeseen consequences, food trivial matters, so a targeted professional maintenance system is the ideal prevention method and measure at present. Routine maintenance refers to personnel operation. For the daily maintenance of fermented food equipment, the maintenance items are mainly concentrated on the outside of the equipment, and the main contents are equipment cleaning, lubrication, tightening, etc.

Before and after the observation shift, each part of the oven should be carefully inspected, and different auxiliary devices used by the production enterprise to increase or decrease the output should be operated. Check the heat of the oven stove. Clean all parts and components of the oven and keep them tidy. Clean. Remove the debris from the product on the stove belt. Check and clean the lubrication point, lubricate and lubricate, remove the oil phenomenon. There are screws and nuts everywhere, and the texture is reliable. Clean teeth, check and adjust electrical. The device keeps its movements sensitive and reliable. Clean the furnace wall and external wall protection, drive the appearance of hair, clean oil stains, gray and yellow robe, and clean the oven as a whole

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