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    Chocolate Conche Machine: The Artisan's Choice for Polished Chocolate Perfection

    Product Overview: The Chocolate Conche Machine is a cornerstone of fine chocolate making within the Chocolate Production Line. This machine refines the chocolate, smoothing out its texture and enhancing its flavor through a process of continuous mixing and aeration.

    Key Advantages:

    • High Efficiency: Our conche machine is designed to work efficiently, reducing the conching time typically required to achieve a smooth, homogeneous chocolate mass.
    • Easy Operation: User-friendly controls and automated processes make it simple for operators to manage the conching process, even for those with minimal experience.
    • Convenient Maintenance: The machine's structure allows for easy access to all components, simplifying cleaning and maintenance routines to keep the machine in top condition.
    • Tight and Simple Structure: A compact and streamlined design ensures the machine occupies minimal space on your production floor while maintaining robust performance.
    • Premium Electric Components: Equipped with high-quality, imported electric components, the machine offers reliability and longevity, reducing the risk of breakdowns and maintenance issues.

    Technical Highlights:

    • Continuous Mixing: The conche machine ensures thorough mixing of the chocolate mass, incorporating air and refining the texture.
    • Variable Speed Control: Allows operators to adjust the mixing intensity to match the specific characteristics of different chocolate types.
    • Temperature Regulation: Precise temperature control within the conche ensures the chocolate is processed under optimal conditions.
    • Sanitary Design: Meets stringent food safety standards with easy-to-clean surfaces and components.


    • Ideal for artisanal chocolate makers and large-scale chocolate manufacturers looking to produce high-quality chocolate with a smooth texture and rich flavor.

    Customer Support & Services:

    • Professional Installation: Our team ensures your conche machine is correctly installed and integrated into your production line.
    • Comprehensive Training: We provide thorough training for your staff to operate and maintain the conche machine efficiently.
    • After-Sales Service: Offering prompt and effective support for any operational issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your production.
    • Spare Parts: A reliable supply of spare parts to keep your conche machine in optimal condition.

    Why Choose Our Chocolate Conche Machine?

    • Quality & Performance: Built with high-quality materials and components for superior performance and durability.
    • Customization & Flexibility: Tailored to meet the specific requirements of your chocolate conching process.
    • Innovation & Technology: Incorporates the latest technology for precise and efficient chocolate refining.
    • Expert Support: Backed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in chocolate production equipment.

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    chocolate conche machine | chocolate production line

    Model JY-100L JY-500L JY-1000L JY-3000L
    Effective volume 100L 500L 1000L 3000L
    Fine grinding fineness 20~25um 20~25um 20~25um 20~25um
    Principal axis rotating speed 48r/min 33r/min 35r/min 35r/min
    Fine grinding time 12~16h 16~22h 16~22h 16~22h

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