Pillow Type Biscuit Packaging Machine For Sales

    This machine is designed for solid matter pillow packaging; it is propitious to all kinds of well-regulated solid matter, such as the biscuit, cookies, bread, moon cake, candy, etc., and commodity, industry accessory, etc. For bulk or separation of individual objects should be placed in the box first, or tie them up, make them come into a whole, and then it can be packaging on this machine, the same as the other non-solid package.

    • Double frequency control;
    • flexible bag length;
    • Saving time and films
    • Easy operation
    • Separate PID control to temperature
    • High sensitivity and optical mark tracking
    • Simple driving system
    • Self-diagnosis failure function
    Model JY-280 JY-380 JY-480 JY-580
    Film width Max:250mm Max:350mm Max:450mm Max:550mm
    bag width 30-110mm 50-160mm 60-200mm 60-260mm
    product height Max.40mm Max.40mm Max.80mm Max:80mm
    film roll diameter Max.320mm Max.320mm Max.320mm Max:320mm
    packing speed 40-230bag/min 40-230bag/min 30-180bag/min 30-180bag/min
    Power 2.4kw 2.6kw 2.6kw 2.6kw
    Dimension(mm) 3770*670*1450 4020*770*1450 4020*920*1450 4020*920*1450
    Machine weight 450kg 540kg 750kg 800kg


    pillow type biscuit packaging machine for sales

    pillow type biscuit packaging machine for sales

    Feeding conveyor

    Workers put the products on the feeding conveyor manually, the product will go through to the film directly.

    pillow type biscuit packaging machine for sales

    Control panel

    Separate PID temperature controller suitable for various packing materials. And it is easy to change the temperature for aluminum film, paper film, PE film, and composite film. Whatever you need what kind of film, we can also recommend a suitable film supplier for each customer.

    pillow type biscuit packaging machine for sales

    Bag forming device

    Articled bag forming device can fold the film with a better performance.

    pillow type biscuit packaging machine for sales

    Rotary end sealing device

    The cutters can do link bags for different bags with flat end seals, wave shape, euro holes, or round holes. It is customized by each customer’s demands.

    pillow type biscuit packaging machine for sales

    Packing picture reference

    This kind of small package is used for all kinds of biscuit packaging. For more convenient sales, whether retail or boxed wholesale, it is an ideal choice.

    pillow type biscuit packaging machine for sales

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