Cookie Production Line | Cookie Making Machine


    Capacity form 200kg-2.5tons/h

    This machine can make typical products such as shortbread, soft biscuit, cookies, chocolate cookies by changing different shapes of the rotary molds.

    Before the production, we need to find out which kind of dough is suitable for your biscuit.
    Hard dough or soft dough or batter similar to meringue?
    Butter, margarine, oils? (Fat content will case the dough sticky when handled)
    Is there any extra particle inside the dough? Like chocolate or others.

    Dough mixer machine for soft biscuit production line

    cookie production line | cookie making machine


    This dough mixer for soft biscuit mixing system with intelligent PLC control system & touch screen system with removal signal transmission.
    Connecting with an automatic dough cutter & conveyor system can be fully automated processing.


    Feeding system

    cookie production line | cookie making machine


    Rotary molder for cookie processing

    Once both cookie and dough types have confirmed, we can begin to focus on cookie size and shape.
    How many different cookie types would you like to produce?

    A: Rotary drop cookie processing

    cookie production line | cookie making machine

    The rotary drop cookie processing machines usually can produce rotary and Multilevel drop cookies, which is the most common function for cookie machines.
    One simple mounting pattern nozzles can produce hundreds of shapes by our cookie machines programs.
    Customer can set the rotary speed & direction &time for the movement of the same nozzles to get different products.
    The deposit cookie dough through a round or shaped depositing head; just like you would do with a pastry bag. 

    cookie production line | cookie making machine cookie production line | cookie making machine

    BExtruded cookie

    The extruded cookie machines usually can produce multiple level Specialty Cookies inside with a close up inside the extruder nozzles

    Whichever sweet treats you desire in your display case, it's important to identify them early so that you can select your equipment accordingly.

    cookie production line | cookie making machine


    CWire cutter cookie

    This type of cookie production machine designed to provide piece-weight accuracy and reliability is great for gingerbread or Christmas cookies or almost any cookie you would roll out and cut with a cookie cutter like ordinary round shapes or square shapes, with our or two colors function you can get checkerboard cookies too.

    It can be positioned over the transfer belt or oven band, and removed from the production line without disrupting the conveyor system.

    Dual power drive for soft biscuit rotary molder and conveyor can be adjusted separately with endless canvas belt, seamless connection, better biscuit molding effect.

    When purchasing cookie processing machines or any other bakery equipment, we highly recommend that customers test equipment prior to committing to a purchase.

    High quality products rely on high quality processing technologies.

    We all take for granted that every packet for biscuits that we open will contain perfectly baked.
    Our team currently offers complimentary equipment demonstrations customer’s factory tours to ensure customer has the perfect-matching machine for their biscuit products.


    Tunnel baking oven for baking cookies

    Baking temperature & time

    cookie production line | cookie making machine

    Baking is the key of delicate foods, our baking oven can customize into different temperature zones. Each oven zone is available with a variety of options to create a cost-effective system with a combination of radiation, convection heating and conduction.

    Cookie oven can make different baking resources such as direct gas fired, convection and combination radiant/convection baking zones for improved baking efficiency.

    Repeatable control of time, temperature, humidity and type of heat transfer
    Maximum control over quality, color, taste and texture, pre-built in our factory for fast installation or assembled on-site.

    Whether you want to increase the diversity of your existing product line or expand your existing biscuit production, choosing the right equipment is the key.

    Correct biscuit production equipment can improve efficiency without sacrificing product quality.


    Cooling and stacking conveyor

    cookie production line | cookie making machine

    cookies production line manufacturers

    Maintaining a constant alignment and non-aggressive cooling are essential for obtaining a whole product that does not break, can be easily stacked and packaged.

    More than 4,500 meters of cooling conveyors are carried out each year, transporting each cookie to stacking stations.

    Subsequently, the biscuit can be conveyed to the packaging machines automatically or manually depending on the system and the speeds. 

    What kind of cookie would you like to make?

    cookie production line | cookie making machine

    Our factory can provide the turnkey service for each customer. Once you've decided which cookie you'd like to start your production with, consider what capabilities you might like to have available in the future. Let’s find the suitable or customized solution for your cookie factory.

    Why Choose Us?

    Shanghai Junyu started as a food equipment manufacturer specializing in various types of machinery for the food industry. Our range includes biscuit making machines, candy making machines, chocolate making machines, wafer making machines, cake making machines, packaging machines, and more. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to provide top-notch equipment to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the food manufacturing sector.

    Diverse Product Range: Junyu offers a wide range of food equipment, including biscuit making machines, candy making machines, chocolate making machines, and more, catering to various needs in the food industry.
    High-Quality Machinery: Junyu is committed to producing high-quality equipment, ensuring durability, reliability, and efficiency in food production processes.
    Innovative Technology: With a focus on innovation, Junyu integrates advanced technology into its machines, enhancing performance and productivity for its customers.
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