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Cake Production Line | Cake Making Machine Factory

This machine can produce cakes efficiently in high volumes with all kinds of round and square shapes.

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The automatic cakes production line is with the characteristics of high automation, stable operation, large baking volume, good product taste and long shelf life. It can produce core-filled egg yolk pie cakes, and can also produce cupcakes and sliced cakes. According to the shape of the mold plate, it can produce colorful cakes with different shapes. Here below is the production flow for reference.

Cake Production Line | Cake Making Machine Factory

advantage of the cake production line

  • SUS 304 material for health and safety standards
  • Automatic control by PLC
  • High quality and price competitive
  • CE and ISO certification available
  • Visible safety covers
  • Self-clean up after ending production
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Over 20 engineers with many overseas installation experiences
  • Formula available for each customer
  • Quick lead time
  • Technology supporting online within 24 hours
  • Annual maintenance

Mixing system

Mixing system

This machine is the necessary equipment for the cake production, including the raw ingredients, conveying. With this machine, the cake will be softer.


Oil spraying system

The oil spraying system can be separately controlled. After spraying oil, the cake baking tray is easy to demold.

Depositing machine

Depositing machine

Depositing machine

Depositing machine

Baking oven

Hot air circulation oven is a novelty baking furnace developed by our factory on the basic of the imported equipment. This oven takes the advanced heating methods of gas burning and the hot air circulation. It’s divided into five areas: “front, middle, back, top and bottom”. After the temperature is set, it automatically controlled by the motor through the butterfly valve. The temperature from the top and bottom through the air channel pass to hearth to bake the food. It has the advantage of fast heating, temperature stabilization, small change, automatically control the temperature. All its advantage makes the food to taste more soft and the color more bright.

Baking oven

Baking oven

Demolding system

Cakes are vacuumed out of the mold through the machine when they are after baking. It uses the cylinder to move up and down, front and back and pressure to suck cakes, then cakes are conveyed to the belt with good shape.

Tray turning

This function of the machine design for trays when they need washed. After the cakes are sucked out and conveyed onto the cooling line, the empty pan will be conveyed back into the machine, and be turned over then be washed by air automatically.

Cooling conveyor and UV sterilization

Cooling conveyor and UV sterilization

Cooling conveyor and UV sterilization

The cooling line is the last process before the packing. The cooling and UV sterilization line has two advantages:

  • it helps the cake to be packed at a perfect temperature;
  • UV sterilization can make sure the cakes are from non-hygiene elements.

Packaging machine

Packaging machine

Cake sample

According to your finished cake size, our machine could be acceptable for different cakes.


More RFQ about cake production line

Q: What is cake product?
A: Cake is a form of sweet food made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, that is usually baked.
Q: Can the machine make biscuit too?
A: No, as the cake is in the cake baking mold tray, the biscuit is different belt and different forming.
Q: How many pcs can the machine make per hour?
A: It depends on the cake size, contact us for more details.
Q: Can you offer the formula?
A: Yes, of course. We will provide the formula for each customer.
Q: If I order now, how long I can get the machine?
A: For the smallest machine, it takes 20-40days. For the exact lead time, it is better to check before your order.
Q: How to maintenance the machine?
A: We can provide the manual after you order the machine. It includes the working operation, each machine description, daily maintenance, etc.


Why Buy Machine from us – Manufacturer

  • Real factory not trading company

           Let’s have a factory tour with you.

  • Professional

          Our factory has more than 40 years machine manufacturing experience.
          There are 12 drawing designers and 20 professional engineers which can offer your technical support anytime and anywhere.

  • Reliability

          Modern factory has more than 200 workers.
          With strict quality control system, advanced Germany standard
          Machining CNC center provide precise technology process to handle every detail of each machine.
          Our professional engineer team offer you the best plan according to your requirements.

  • High Quality Machines

          All machine made in GMP standard factory
         We have the CNC center to keep the machine precious
         All machine use SUS304 and sandblasting surface coating handling


What can we do for you?

  • Factory layout
  • 3D design & project plan
  • Customized shape design
  • Product formula




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