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Mixing is a key to making the biscuits successfully, whatever you want the soft dough or the gluten protein such as soda. The different mixers will cause totally different effects.

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This mixer with a unique ‘$’ design for the mixing blade to ensure good dispersion of ingredients and rapid development of the dough. It is critical to develop soft and extensible dough.
This mixing action includes kneading, rolling, and folding in the dough without too much tearing and extruding, it is an ideal choice.

Dough mixer
Mixing time at a low speed will be 20-25minutes.
Mixing time on high speed for the special starch dough will be 10-12minutes.


A.50-500 kg/batch for small and multiple productions

  • Multi-function for hard and soft dough
  • Space-saving
  • Adjustable angle
  • Forward & reverse: 90-120o
  • Stainless steel $ type blade
  • Directly connected with weighing system to achieve the online mixing effect

B.500-1500 kg/batch for big or continuous production

  • PLC control system & touch screen
  • SEW motor
  • Connecting with automatic dough cutter & conveyor
  • Non-stick PU belt
  • Stainless steel $ type blade
  • Invert drive to give maximum speed ranges with smooth start-up and minimal power usage.


Model Power(kw) Mixing Speed(r/min) Weight(kg) Mixing capacity Dimension(mm)
JY-50 3.55 26 290 50kg 1110*630*1070
JY-75 4.75 27 414 75kg 1188*710*1220
JY-100 6.25 29 485 100kg 1250*740*1300
JY-150 8.6 28 1056 150kg 1632*800*1420
JY-200 13.2 20 1620 200kg 1690*980*1700
JY-250 13.2 20 1640 250kg 1704*1040*1750


Double blades dough mixer (Vertical)

This mixer has double vertical spindle blades for thoroughly high mixing. The high but gentle mixing action stirs the ingredients well without high energy input at the gluten proteins stage.

Double blades dough mixer (Vertical)
Wheeled mixing tubs are charged with ingredients, either by hand or by a semi-automatic tub filling system, it can save time at the changeover between fermentation period and different types of dough.


Advantages of Dough mixer

  • Biscuit fermentation time 4-8H
  • Batch size: 300/500/800kg
  • Beater Speed: 25 rpm
  • Simple & safe operating
  • Timer for optimum control after the final mixing
  • Stainless steel double vertical spindle blades
  • Wheeled mixing tubs for repairing & time-saving
  • Hygienic and easy to maintenance


Model Power Mixing Speed Bowl Speed Bowl capacity Dimension
JY-30 0.85/1.1kw/hr 123/185r/min 12/24 r/min 34L 750*430*990
JY-40 0.85/1.5kw/hr 114/230 r/min 12/24 r/min 48L 920*510*1050
JY-60 1.5/2.4 kw/hr 115/230 r/min 10/20 r/min 68L 950*550*1100
JY-80 2.2/3.3 kw/hr 125/250 r/min 10/20 r/min 84L 1050*600*1150
JY-120 3/4.5 kw/hr 125/250 r/min 10/20 r/min 122L 1200*690*1330
JY-240 4/7.5 kw/hr 125/250 r/min 10/20 r/min 240L 1300*880*1580

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