Mini Fully Automatic Gummy Bear Candy Making Machine | Nutrition gummy bear candy making machine

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    40-Mini automatic candy depositor

    • Temperate setting hopper
    • Servo depositing
    • PLC adjustable depositor size control
    • 24cavity per shot
    • Digital oil sprayer
    • Automatic transfer to a mufti-layer cooling system
    • Automatic De-mold and transfer out
    • Digital variable temperature control
    • Free spare parts for maintain
    • Quick assembly & quicker use
    • Visual window safety production protect
    • Compact space-saving design for 13ft length

    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine


    Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre, CBD, Energy Supplements, OTC Medications,100% Fruit Pastes & Pieces, Low-sugar & Sugar-Free Products

    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine



    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine


    QH Series System to Include

    • Sugar Dissolving Tank,
    • Transfer Pumps and Storage Tank
    • Auto Dosing System     
    • Dynamic Inline Mixer   
    • Auto Oil Spraying System
    • Servo depositor
    • Servo-Drive Conveyor
    • Cooling Tunnel
    • De-molding system

    Auxiliary Support

    • Sugar Coating Drum
    • Oil sprayer
    • Gummy Drying Trays

    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine


    Mixing & Cooking

    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine

    Move-able cooking system

    • Small batch cooker on cart/wheel
    • Independent control system
    • Temperature setting
    • Scraping stirring
    • Homogenizer
    • Digital display
    • Visual window
    • Convenient discharge
    • Quick assembly & quicker use

    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine

    Frame type auto cooking & buff system

    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine

    • Stainless steel stirrer
    • Jacketed for heating
    • Stainless steel framework, Insulated sides.
    • Complete automation system
    • Independent control system
    • Transfer by pump & pipes
    • modularization for a quick install

    It is an automatic ingredient dissolving and mixing system for pre-cooking the syrup of candy and beverage solutions.
    Mix raw materials such as sugar and glucose. Add all the raw materials into the cooker, the cooking is complete, and the syrup will be transferred to the storage tank through the pump. The storage tank adopts a multi-layer design, and the interlayer can be filled with hot and cold water to maintain the temperature of the liquid in the tank, and cool or store different types of pectin or gelatin as a buffer tank for continuous production.


    Depositing and cooling (Forming)


    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine

    Additions DosingCFA System

    Colors, flavors, and acid powder (CFA) are added directly to the syrup, where a similar system is usually used to add active ingredients.

    The basic CFA addition system includes a storage tank and a peristaltic pump. To keep the additives in the best condition, the flow meter control loop can be added to the pump to achieve the best accuracy.

    Each additive has its own system and is independently supplied to the pouring device. They can be incorporated into the syrup using a static or dynamic in-line mixer and then the mixing cone is opened. Different choices depend on the nature of the additives


    Oil sprayer

    Individual nozzles cone shape spray the oil to cavities of the mold, for saving oil and sanitary condition.


    Servo depositor

    Servo control is more precise and quiet, touch screen adjusts product weight.


    Servo-Drive Conveyor

    Adjust the matching degree with depositing, adjust the cooling time


    Quick change type of molds

    Our uniquely designed quick-release system can shorten the time of mold installation and disassembly, reduce labor costs, and improve production efficiency.


    Cooling Tunnel

    Our uniquely designed new freezer system can quickly help the candy cool down and accelerate the formation of the candy, which can greatly improve production efficiency. We use environmentally friendly refrigerants, which can meet the high standards of environmental protection requirements in Europe, America and other regions


    De-molding system

    According to different needs, we can be equipped with sugar powder coating machines, polishing machines that can make candies show different colors. Can greatly enrich the appearance and types of candies.


    The small drying equipment we provide can greatly reduce investment costs, allowing you to open up new businesses with minimal investment. When your confectionery business is on the right track, you can immediately replace it with large-scale production equipment.

    mini fully automatic gummy bear candy making machine | nutrition gummy bear candy making machine

    As consumers realize that treating diseases and adjusting their diet is not necessarily an unpleasant experience, they are increasingly using functional confectionery products to achieve the effects of over-the-counter drugs or dietary supplements.

    Functional and medicated candies are not uncommon, but the accuracy and hygiene of modern cooking and deposition techniques have expanded their potential applications.

    The QHBAKE team focuses on creating high-quality customized functional jelly candy production lines. We produce a wide variety of various confectionery machines, which are consistent throughout our production line-high-quality machines help to make delicious and healthy gummies!

    About JY MACHINE

    JY MACHINE is a manufacturer of production equipment for the food industry in China. We provide production lines and unit machines for candies and biscuits all over the world. Customers range from independent manufacturers to large multinational companies.

    In addition to the food industry, we also provide solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. These programs can be verified according to any standard required, and we are happy to meet all requests for additional documentation, FAT, or on-site support.

    All our systems are based on an understanding of processes. Our confectionery equipment innovation center in China has invested heavily in employees and facilities, where we develop new products and process innovations with customers or as part of our development plan.

    Customers who use the innovation center can use a full range of cooking and pouring systems, as well as our experienced technicians. This support runs through and beyond the commissioning phase of each project.

    Functional and Medicated Applications for Gummy

    Functional elements range from increasing the intake of essential nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein) to adding beneficial supplements (such as folic acid and omega-3) to the diet. The field has also expanded to sports nutrition, where candies are very suitable for portable and convenient energy supplement products.

    For active Ingredients

    Deposition can add different forms of active ingredients at different stages.

    Heat-stable ingredients can be added at the beginning of the weighing and mixing process, while small-volume liquid additives can be mixed after cooking using a high-precision color/flavor mixing system. The viscous component can be filled as a sandwich, which can be encapsulated in any viscous outer layer.

    Volatile components are added just before the depositing device hopper, and its retention time is short, which can minimize evaporation. You can also add powder or other small inclusions to the candy before pouring.

    The main feature of cooking and deposition is the core of the successful production of functional and medicated candies.

    Although cooking is performed at high temperatures, the addition of active ingredients is usually delayed until just before the deposition to avoid loss or degradation. The deposition is carried out at a lower temperature and then rapidly cooled to increase the stability of the composition.

    High-precision metering and dosing equipment ensure that the correct proportion of active ingredients is added to the cooked syrup. When combined with the very precise piece weight control provided by the deposition, the result is that each piece contains the correct amount of active ingredient.

    The ability to accurately control the rate of addition is particularly important for cost control when it is necessary to overdose the active ingredient to provide an acceptable shelf life.



    Q1:  I dont have experience & formula can you help?
    -A: Yes, we are offering full scope plan from formula to product support

    Q2:  Can I make hard candy on this machine?
    -AYes, but also taffy candy, lollipops too.

    Q3: What's the machine voltage and Amp?
    -A: We customize the equipment according to your voltage, and with different voltages we will calculate the ampere list for you.

    Q4:I want to add a pharmacy inside the candies does your machine has any certificate to help me pass the FDA requirements?
    -A: Yes,We have CE and used all brands by UL&EU listed in strict accordance with GMP Stander.

    Q5What else do i need to prepare does this machine need clean compress air?
    -A: C onside most of the customers space limit this machine only need to connect the power, save customers cost and complex evolution of compress air flow. Use servo more simple & smart control no need connect extra systems for the machines.

    Q6: How should i set the temperature and candy weight?
    -A: By control box and touch screen setting to adjust.

    Q7: Do i need move the molds to the cooling step?
    -A: No,machine is fully automatic form the depositor and cool,you only need to collect the candy and the machine exit!

    Q8: Do i need some expert to install the machine?
    -A:Machine electrical is by quick coupler and easy setting on touch screen like a smart phone or if you need we have local technology support team can help.

    How much does it cost for the full line?Is it expensive?
    -A: Contact us now!

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