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Caramel candy depositing line | candy making machine

Full range of high quality toffee, caramel and fudge candy production.

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High-quality toffee & caramel production can be made by fully automatic servo driven PLC controlled depositing line in an assortment of shape and color include addes-value center filling such as chocolate, jam etc.
This line mainly consists of auto weighing and mixing system(can be optional), pressure dissolving system, toffee candy cooker, depositor and cooling tunnel and adopt the advances servo system to control the processing.


Model JYT-150 JYT-300 JYT-450 JYT-600 JYT-1200
capacity(kg/hour) 100-150 200-300 350-450 600-1000 1200-2000



Toffee cooker

Toffee cooker 

  • Two cooker systems for faster and accuracy reach the caramelization.
  • High-efficiency cooking by steam, Fewer air bubbles, minimal distortion.
  • Cooking and caramelization separately simultaneous.
  • Independent control for color, flavor, moisture, and texture.
  • Automatic ingredient feeder,rapid changeovers.
  • low scrap rate,low manpower and less cost.
  • Automatic colour/flavour adding.

Depositing system and cooling tunnel

  • Surface are waterproof frosted,extend service life,GMP standard.
  • Precisely defined stripes or layers.
  • High accurate depositing,no deviation.
  • Soft silicone molds for more viscous formula.
  • Independent cooling system for more accurate temperature control.
  • Continuous accurate depositing,less air bubbles & flashing.
  • Automatic wash-down function,Single pipeline cleaning system closely structure, save space.

Depositing system and cooling tunnel


More RFQ about candy depositing machine

  • Q: How many types of toffee candy this machine can make?

A: We can make single color, center filling toffee, we can customize mold according to your finished toffee picture.

  • Q: Can the machine make different candy?

A: Yes, we can offer customized mold including the design and production.

  • Q: Can I make chocolate too on this machine?

A: No, as this is our standard machine for making candy.

  • Q: How many pieces of gummies you can make in one hour?

A: At least 21600pcs in one hour.

  • Q: What’s the capacity of the candy machine do you need?

A: Normally we can provide the capacity from 150-2000kg per hour.

  • Q: What’s the candy shape and size your machine can make?

A: Whatever candy you need, we can provide you with customized shape and size.

  • Q: Which heating? Electric heating or steam heating?

A: We can provide electric heating or steam heating according to the customer’s environment.


Why Buy Machine from us – Manufacturer

  • Real factory not trade company

       Shall we have a factory tour with you?

  • Professional

       Our factory has more than 40 years machine manufacturing experience.
There are 12 drawing designers and 20 professional engineers which can offer you technical support anytime and anywhere.

  • Reliability

      Modern factory has more than 200 workers.
Strict quality control system, advanced Germany standard
Machining CNC center provide precise technology process to handle every detail of each machine. Professional engineer team offers you the best plan according to your requirement.

  • High Quality Machines

      All machine made in GMP standard factory
      We have the CNC center to keep the machine precious
      All machines use SUS304 and sandblasting surface coating treatment


What we can do for you

  • Factory layout
  • 3D design & project plan
  • Customized shape design
  • Candy formula




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