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The correct use of electrical oven and its function

The correct use of electrical oven and its function

The electrical oven, as the name suggests, has a direct connection with “barbecue” and “baking”. In fact, because electric ovens use the principle of heat conduction to heat food, fashionable and trendy home appliances can carry traditional food cooking methods. Therefore, the electric oven can not only grill and bake but also heat food.

Barbecuing and baking are the most direct functions of an electric oven. Cooking with an electrical oven can make the food evenly heated, and better maintain the moisture and original nutrients of the food. To make bread, cakes, pizza, or roast chicken or meat, cooking with an electric oven works best.

Fermentation, air-drying, disinfection, thawing, braising, reheating… all these can be done by an electric oven. At 50°C, food can be dehydrated into a variety of dried fruits, vegetables, and meat; at 60°C, it can be used to make sausages and bacon.

When roasting products in an electric oven, there is no need to put oil, because, during the roasting process, the meat will precipitate oil, reducing the oil content, achieving defatting and salt reduction, which is healthier. Using an electric oven to cook food reduces the problem of oily smoke generated during cooking, such as frying, frying, boiling, and frying, which is suitable for the needs of fast-paced modern life.

Well said cooking is better. The recipe is for you. Try it and see if you can make this delicious dish.

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