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Last night, Le Manny shared with everyone in the class a nougat from Montélimar, France, which has a century-old heritage. Its characteristic is to highlight the aroma of honey and dried fruits. The honey in the mouth is slightly floral, and the aroma of the nuts will burst when chewed. Come out, instantly fill the entire mouth. The taste is tough and not sticky, the more you chew, the more fragrant! Drooling while writing pictures

Candies always make people feel the festive atmosphere. The same is true in France. The most common candies on Christmas markets are nougat. It is also warm to receive a nougat gift in the cold winter. At Christmas markets, you often see foods that look similar to cut cakes in Xinjiang, which is nougat. In fact, I am also very curious why they made the nougat like this, so I plan to ask the locals when I go to France next time, and then tell everyone the answer.

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