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Historical records record that the ancient Egyptians made the first baking cake in history, and the first skilled baker was the Egyptian. Baking means baking processed cereals. In European and American countries, people use bakery as their staple food. The earliest Chiffon cake was developed by an American salesman. The recipe was announced after the Hollywood star purchased the recipe. After the baked goods were introduced to China, the production process of Chinese baked goods became more independent.

1. What is a cake
In most countries in the world, whether it is people’s staple food or non-staple food, cakes and desserts occupy a very important position. Therefore, my country’s bakery food industry has also ushered in a period of 20 years of great development. Cake is a kind of cereals processed by baking, usually understood as Western-style pastries like refreshments. In short, the cake is based on oil, sugar, eggs, flour, etc. as the main raw materials, adding appropriate amounts of auxiliary materials: baking powder, baking soda, honey, and through the processes of beating, extruding, baking, etc., the flavors are various, Nutritious and healthy food.

2. The origin of the cake
In European and American countries, baked goods occupies an extremely important position in people’s lives. Almost every housewife can make cakes and snacks. Whenever relatives and friends gather, the host often offers homemade cakes or bread to the guests.

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Strolling through the streets, there are many home-made and self-sold bakery and pastry shops, where you can buy fresh bread, cakes and pastries at any time. And the open-air cafes dotted in famous European cities such as Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, etc., have a more romantic and warm atmosphere. Enjoying snacks and drinks in the background of the city’s beautiful scenery is unique. Therefore, cake desserts are not only an integral part of baking, but also a symbol of people’s food culture.

Cake food must have four major functions: nutritional function, physiological function, and cultural function. Food has played an important cultural function since ancient times. In fact, in human society, food is closely related to politics, economy, culture, and religion. Food is indispensable for large country contacts, small friends gatherings and birthday commemorations. Birthday cakes and Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes all reflect different cultural connotations.

In addition, promoting the national food culture can not only meet the needs of the people’s dietary life, but also has very important practical significance for protecting the country’s agriculture and food industries after joining the WTO.

According to historical records, the ancient Egyptians made us the first cake in history. The history of Rome and Greece also recorded the making of cakes, but according to the records of food historians, the first skilled baker (cake maker) should be the early Egyptians, and the first to use baking as a kind of The nation of art.
They developed reliable cooking methods and early ovens. At that time, the ovens used a charcoal fire function.

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They made a variety of breads through the charcoal stoves, and many breads were added with honey as desserts. Although there is a lot of evidence from the pictures of the tomb to know the baking process, and even we can identify the raw materials found in the funeral, it is difficult to know exactly how the cake tasted at that time.

In the long river of history, whether it is the early Egyptians or the Europeans in the Middle Ages, their so-called “cake” is not what it is today. The ancient Egyptians would not even call it a cake. The word cake was adopted in the 13th century in England and is a derivative of the old Nordic word kaka.

The main characteristic of the cake at that time was its shape: a round and flat shape was made from a relaxed and natural dough, and the shape was done by hand. In the 17th century, cake hoops made of wood or tin were used to make cakes, which ensured that the cakes could maintain a neat round shape.

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