Factory workers can expect to see a lot of action during the production process. From sorting through the finished products to discarding specimens that aren’t perfect, they will do their part to make the best candy possible. The candy workers will then carefully direct each candie onto a belt for packaging. By the time each candy has made it to the end of the belt, it will be almost ready to be packaged.

Quality control

Candy factory uses various techniques to ensure the quality of their products. Besides determining the taste and appearance of the products, the quality control department performs physical and chemical analyses. The physical and chemical properties of extruded candy are also inspected. Gas Chromatography is an important tool to determine residuals of solutions and inks. Some manufacturers employ trained professional sensory panelists to examine candy canes and identify any differences.

In addition to using traditional laboratory testing, modern confectionery manufacturing operations also incorporate in-line inspection and testing. Using a solid inspection program is vital to ensure safety and quality. It is highly recommended to partner with an expert supplier when selecting inspection equipment. For example, a product inspection system can save time and money by eliminating the need for costly manual inspection. This is why product inspection systems are essential for confectionery manufacturers. They help ensure that only perfect items reach the retail supply chain.


Earnings of candy factories differ widely according to the type of work. The most common jobs in the candy industry require unskilled workers to operate machines. The highest-paid positions, however, are often semi-skilled, and require a college or technical school degree. The financial metrics that are useful in determining the profitability of a candy factory include Return on Equity, or ROI (Return on Investment). The ratio shows how efficiently the company utilizes its assets and identifies threats to its financial viability.

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The average salary for a candy factory worker varies widely, based on the size of the factory and the level of experience of its workers. However, most candy factories have clean and well-lit workspaces. While candy factory workers work with noisy machines, they typically work in modern buildings far from the machinery. Even those who work in the office, delivering candy to retail stores and vending machines, spend very little time in the candy factory. Earnings of candy factories are not necessarily high, but they can be substantial if you have the right skills.

Opportunities for advancement

There are many opportunities for advancement in the candy manufacturing industry. Aspiring candy makers can advance from machine operators to supervisors, or from a simple helper position to a supervisor, a management position, or even a business start-up. The prospects for advancement are poor, though, as the confectionery products industry is expected to lose three percent of its workforce in the next ten years. As such, candy workers with experience and education are likely to have the best job prospects.

The pay in a candy factory depends on the position, skill, and experience of employees. While the median salary in the candy manufacturing industry is $21,420, experienced managers and executives can earn much more. In addition to pay, candy manufacturing workers receive other benefits, including paid sick and vacation days, retirement pensions, and health and life insurance. However, these benefits are not the only advantages of a candy manufacturing job. These benefits can make a candy factory an excellent choice for employees who enjoy working in a fun and rewarding environment.

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Locations of candy factories

The locations of candy factories vary from one town to another. Many of them are in New York City. Some are in Long Island City. In the early 1900s, a family named Loft immigrated to New York and opened a small candy store on Canal Street. In the early 20th century, this business grew and became the largest candy retailer in the United States. The family’s headquarters were at the base of a hill in Park Slope. By the end of the 20th century, the See’s candy factory was in Long Island City, and in 1944, the company began advertising for female employees.

There are numerous candy factories throughout the country, and some are even more fun than others. A visit to a candy factory is a great way to explore the history of your favorite treat. You can tour one in person, or you can check out a tour online. You can also find tours of candy factories on Facebook or through Adas Obscura. In New York, you can tour the Sweetshop, which features more than 3,000 types of candy.

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