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    Rotary Cutting Molder: Precision Engineering for Hard Biscuit Production

    Product Overview: The Rotary Cutting Molder is a sophisticated piece of machinery designed for the high-precision production of hard biscuits. It plays a crucial role in shaping dough blocks into uniform strips, ensuring consistent quality and efficient manufacturing.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Customizable Dough Block Formation: The mold is capable of producing dough blocks in specified sizes, shapes, and patterns, essential for maintaining the dough's structure and quality throughout the production process.
    • Adaptable Extrusion Rolls: Depending on the type of dough being processed, the extrusion rolls can be customized to be smooth or corrugated, providing versatility in biscuit design.
    • Quick Change Forming Rotor: The forming rotor can be swiftly replaced when switching between different biscuit products, enhancing production flexibility and reducing downtime.
    • Precision Speed Control: The roll speed is managed by a frequency converter, allowing for precise regulation within set width limits to accommodate various biscuit sizes.
    • Seamless Integration: The design of the Rotary Cutting Molder facilitates easy integration into existing production lines, promoting a smooth and efficient workflow.
    • Robust Conveyor Belt System: The conveyor belt is built with a carbon steel frame, stainless steel sliding surfaces, and two rubber rollers for reliable and consistent dough handling. The inlet and outlet feature a reduced diameter nose for improved dough sheet passage.
    • Automated Conveyor Speed Control: The speed of the conveyor belt is automatically controlled through the electric panel of the lamination line, ensuring synchronized operation with the cutting molder.

    Technical Highlights:

    • The machine is equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows for easy adjustments and settings, making it accessible even for operators with minimal training.
    • Advanced sensors and controls monitor the dough thickness and strip uniformity, providing real-time feedback for quality assurance.
    • The use of high-quality materials in the construction of the machine ensures durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.
    • The machine is designed with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and safety guards to protect operators during operation.


    • Suitable for a wide range of hard biscuit production facilities, from small-scale bakeries to large-scale industrial manufacturers.

    Customer Support & Services:

    • Customization Services: We offer customization options to tailor the Rotary Cutting Molder to your specific production requirements.
    • Professional Installation: Our team of experts will ensure the machine is correctly installed and integrated into your production line.
    • Operator Training: Comprehensive training is provided to ensure your staff can operate the machine efficiently and safely.
    • After-Sales Support: We provide ongoing support, including maintenance services and access to spare parts, to keep your Rotary Cutting Molder in optimal condition.

    Why Choose Our Rotary Cutting Molder:

    • Innovation & Precision: Utilizing the latest technology for unparalleled precision in biscuit production.
    • Quality & Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials for a reliable and long-lasting performance.
    • Flexibility & Efficiency: Designed to handle various dough types and product changeovers with ease, maximizing production efficiency.

    Get a Quote Now: For personalized pricing and to learn more about how our Rotary Cutting Molder can enhance your biscuit production capabilities, contact us today.

    façonneuse rotative pour biscuits durs | ligne de production de biscuits


    Modèle JYB-600 JYB-800 JYB-1000 JYB-1200 JYB-1500
    Dimension 6800×1250×1850 7700×1450×1850 15000*2400*1750 15000*2600*1750 15000*2900*1750
    Puissance(kw) 4.5 6.2 42 46 54
    Poids(T) 1 3.5 15 18 21
    Température de fonctionnement 0~50Co

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      Le produit est solidement emballé.

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      Le produit est solidement emballé.

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      Livraison très rapide.

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