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Biscuit making machine|Biscuit consumption presents a high-end trend, production equipment is developing towards multi-function

9 Tips For Choosing Best Wafer Biscuit Machine Manufacturer: Consider Things Such As Quality, Functionality, and Delivery

In the hungry afternoon, a pack of biscuits to replenish vitality is the choice of many people.

In the new retail era, the leisure snack industry is facing high competition, and the domestic biscuit market is also accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading. In order to meet the high-end and diversified production needs, biscuit production equipment also needs further innovation.

With the development of automation technology, biscuit production has been fully automated. The steps of ingredient, powder mixing, dough mixing, molding, baking, sorting, cooling, packaging, and boxing can all be replaced by automated equipment for manual production. And regardless of taste, quality, or variety, automated production equipment can guarantee quality.

However, as the trend of high-end and diversification in the biscuit market becomes increasingly obvious, the requirements of biscuit manufacturers for equipment have increased, which brings new challenges to related equipment.

At present, the realization of multifunctional production has become one of the development goals of biscuit production equipment. The biscuits on the market can be divided into two categories: tough biscuits and crisp biscuits. Tough biscuits generally take a long time to prepare the dough, and the dough is stretched and shaped by rolling. Usually, pinhole concave stamping is used when forming.

The dough of crisp biscuits is small in elasticity, and the surface is usually convex. Stripes make up floral patterns.

In order to meet the production of two kinds of biscuits at the same time, some enterprises have realized the dual-purpose functions of roll cutting and roll printing on the equipment, so that the equipment can flexibly switch between the production of tough biscuits and crisp biscuits.

It is worth mentioning that some advanced multi-functional equipment abroad is not limited to the dual-purpose functions of roll cutting and roll printing, but also realizes multiple functions such as roll printing, roll cutting, stacking, extrusion, and wire cutting.

For domestic-related equipment manufacturers, it is necessary to increase research and development efforts in terms of multi-functional integration.

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