Ligne de production automatique de bonbons gommeux | Machine de fabrication de gomme et ligne de production

    Designed for high-volume production, our Automatic Gummy Candy Production Line is tailored for businesses seeking to manufacture 12,000-21,000 pieces per hour. This state-of-the-art line is equipped to handle various gummy candy formulations, including Pectin and Gelatin-based products, with a commitment to quality, efficiency, and flexibility.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • High-Capacity Output: Multiple models (JY-40 to JY-1500) to choose from, ensuring the perfect fit for your production needs, ranging from 8,000 to 768,000 pieces per hour.
    • Kitchen System Integration: An all-in-one system for ingredient dissolving, mixing, and pre-cooking the syrup, designed to maintain consistent temperatures for various candy and beverage solutions.
    • One-Step Cooking System: Features a multi-layer storage tank with adjustable temperature control, ideal for continuous production and buffering different types of pectin or gelatin.
    • Advanced Milling & Cooking Technology: The machine comes with an independent control system, temperature settings, stainless steel scraping stirring, homogenizer, and other advanced features for optimal candy production.
    • Complete Automation: Automatic feeding, mold driving, depositing, de-molding, and chilling unit ensure a seamless production process with minimal manual intervention.
    • Modular Design: Easy assembly and disassembly for quick setup and maintenance, with a focus on modularization for efficient installation.
    • Versatility: Capable of producing a wide range of gummy candy types, including gummy bears, and adaptable to various formulations, including CBD-infused candies.
    • Customization & Compliance: Machines are customizable to meet specific voltage and ampere requirements and come with certifications like CE to help pass FDA and GMP standards.
    • User-Friendly Operation: Features a digital display and touch screen for easy temperature and weight adjustments, making the machine accessible even for those without prior experience.
    • Support & Services: Offering comprehensive support from formula design to product support, ensuring a smooth transition into gummy candy production.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Capacity Range: 8,000-768,000 PCS/H, depending on the model.
    • Length: 13ft/4m to 53ft/16m, accommodating various production space requirements.
    • Control System: Independent with digital display and touch screen interface.
    • Material: Stainless steel construction for durability and hygiene.
    • Safety Features: Includes emergency stop functions and safety guards.


    • Suitable for the production of gummy bears, CBD-infused candies, taffy, lollipops, and other gummy confectionery.

    Customer Support & Services:

    • Professional Installation: On-site installation and setup by our technical team.
    • Training: Comprehensive training for operators to ensure efficient machine operation.
    • After-Sales Service: 24/7 parts center and local technical support for prompt assistance.
    • Design Services: Free factory layout design, customized shape samples, and product formula design.

    Pricing and Availability: Contact our sales team for a detailed quote and information on the availability of the Automatic Gummy Candy Production Line.

    Why Choose Our Gummy Candy Production Line?

    • Overseas Service Team: Providing global support and local service.
    • Animal Machine Maintenance: Ensuring the longevity and performance of your machinery.
    • Free Services: Including factory layout design, customized shape samples, and product formula design.
    • 3D Display: Offering a virtual tour of the equipment scheme for better understanding and planning.
    • Customer Factory Production Tour: Witness the production process and machine performance firsthand.

    Pourquoi nous choisir?

    Shanghai Junyu a débuté en tant que fabricant d'équipements alimentaires spécialisé dans divers types de machines pour l'industrie alimentaire. Notre gamme comprend des machines de fabrication de biscuits, des machines de fabrication de bonbons, des machines de fabrication de chocolat, des machines de fabrication de gaufrettes, des machines de fabrication de gâteaux, des machines d'emballage, etc. Avec un engagement envers la qualité et l’innovation, nous nous efforçons de fournir des équipements de premier ordre pour répondre aux divers besoins de nos clients du secteur de la fabrication alimentaire.

    Gamme de produits diversifiée: Junyu propose une large gamme d'équipements alimentaires, notamment des machines à fabriquer des biscuits, des machines à fabriquer des bonbons, des machines à fabriquer du chocolat, etc., répondant aux divers besoins de l'industrie alimentaire.
    Machines de haute qualité: Junyu s'engage à produire des équipements de haute qualité, garantissant durabilité, fiabilité et efficacité dans les processus de production alimentaire.
    Technologie innovante: En mettant l'accent sur l'innovation, Junyu intègre une technologie de pointe dans ses machines, améliorant ainsi les performances et la productivité de ses clients.
    Options de personnalisation: Junyu propose des options de personnalisation pour adapter les machines en fonction des exigences spécifiques du client, garantissant que chaque machine répond aux besoins uniques de ses utilisateurs.
    Expertise et expérience: Avec des années d'expérience dans l'industrie, Junyu a développé une expertise dans la fabrication d'équipements alimentaires, offrant à ses clients des produits fiables soutenus par une connaissance de l'industrie.
    Portée mondiale: Junyu a une présence mondiale, au service de clients du monde entier et fournissant une assistance et des services partout où cela est nécessaire.

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