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NEW Arrival – Boba machinery | small popping boba making machine

NEW Arrival - boba machinery | small popping boba making machine

If you’ve spent any time in a tea shop or cafe lately and have been experimenting with bubble tea then you must curious about the bubble tea culture

Bubble tea has been around for a while (it was invented in Taichung and Tainan in the 1980s then popular in Asia),In China you will see lots people line up to just buy a cop of bubble teas. And in recent years, it’s become world wired popular even those who just dabble in the beverage enjoy sipping on the delicious flavors and breathing in the aromatic scent of the various ingredients that are used in Boba. Allied Market Research:Bubble Tea Market Expected to Reach $4.3 Billion by 2027

Boba tea is made by combining tea of various varieties, a different type of milk, and sweetener;
What set bubble tea apart, however, is the unique toppings that are added to it. These toppings can include various types of jellies, such as fruit, grass, or agar, and pudding; However the Tapioca has lots of dispute that cause many new products appeared such as crystal boba, popping pearls,  are the real shining stars of toppings that are used in this delightful beverage.

They are form more nautrial ingerdins such as konjac its more low fat and health.
For expand our customers’ market @jymachinetech developed the first machine for making crstal boba in 2019,and improve it to have more than 1.2tons per hours capacity now.

It’s an ideal machine that reduce the loss of raw materials at simple operation.High precision but with reasonable price.

NEW Arrival - boba machinery | small popping boba making machine

@jymachinetech for expand your market to more world wire and seize the opportunity
 Small popping boba making machine you can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.

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