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    Our automatic cake production line is designed for efficiency and quality, offering high automation, stable operation, and large baking volume. It produces delicious cakes with a good taste and long shelf life, suitable for various types of cakes such as core-filled egg yolk pie cakes, cupcakes, and sliced cakes. With customizable mold plates, you can create colorful cakes in different shapes. Below is an overview of the production flow and the advantages of our cake production line.

    Advantages of the Cake Production Line

    • High-Quality Materials: Made with SUS 304 stainless steel, our machines meet health and safety standards, ensuring the production of safe and hygienic cakes.
    • Automatic Control: The production line is controlled by a PLC system, allowing for precise and efficient operation with minimal manual intervention.
    • Cost-Effective: Our machines offer high quality at competitive prices, providing excellent value for your investment.
    • Certifications: Our production line is CE and ISO certified, ensuring compliance with international quality and safety standards.
    • Safety Features: Equipped with visible safety covers, our machines ensure a safe working environment for your staff.
    • Self-Cleaning Function: After production ends, the machines can clean themselves, saving time and labor.
    • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Our machines are designed for easy installation and maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.
    • Experienced Engineers: With over 20 engineers experienced in overseas installations, we provide reliable support for setting up and optimizing your production line.
    • Customized Formulas: We offer tailored formulas for each customer, ensuring that your cakes meet your specific quality and taste standards.
    • Quick Lead Time: We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to provide quick lead times to keep your production on schedule.
    • 24/7 Technical Support: Our technology support team is available online within 24 hours to assist you with any technical issues.
    • Annual Maintenance: We offer annual maintenance services to keep your production line running smoothly and efficiently.

    Production Flow Overview

    1. Смешивание: Ingredients are mixed to form the cake batter.
    2. Depositing: The batter is deposited into molds according to the desired cake shape.
    3. Выпечка: The molds are placed in the oven for baking, ensuring even cooking and perfect texture.
    4. Охлаждение: The baked cakes are cooled to the optimal temperature.
    5. Filling (if applicable): For core-filled cakes, the filling is added at this stage.
    6. распаковка: The cakes are removed from the molds.
    7. Упаковка: The finished cakes are packaged for distribution.

    Why Choose Our Cake Production Line?

    • Innovative Design: Our production line is designed with the latest technology to ensure efficiency and high-quality output.
    • Customization: We offer customizable solutions to meet your specific production needs, from different cake shapes to unique flavor profiles.
    • Global Service: Our experienced team provides installation and support services worldwide, ensuring smooth operations no matter where you are located.
    • Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable practices, using energy-efficient technologies and eco-friendly materials in our production lines.

    Система смешивания

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Эта машина является необходимым оборудованием для производства тортов, включая транспортировку сырых ингредиентов. С этой машиной торт будет мягче.


    Система распыления масла

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Система распыления масла может управляться отдельно. После распыления масла противень для выпечки легко вынимается из формы.

    Депозитная машина

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Печь для выпечки

    Печь с циркуляцией горячего воздуха – это новая хлебопекарная печь, разработанная нашим заводом на базе импортного оборудования. В этой печи используются передовые методы нагрева: сжигание газа и циркуляция горячего воздуха. Он разделен на пять областей: «передняя, средняя, задняя, верхняя и нижняя». После того, как температура установлена, она автоматически регулируется двигателем через дроссельную заслонку. Температура сверху и снизу по воздушному каналу проходит к поду для выпекания пищи. Он имеет преимущество быстрого нагрева, стабилизации температуры, небольшого изменения, автоматического контроля температуры. Все его преимущества делают вкус пищи более мягким, а цвет более ярким.

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Система извлечения из формы

    Торты вакуумируются из формы через машину, когда они после выпечки. Он использует цилиндр для перемещения вверх и вниз, вперед и назад и давление для всасывания лепешек, затем лепешки передаются на ленту с хорошей формой.

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Поворот лотка

    Эта функция конструкции машины предназначена для лотков, когда их нужно мыть. После того, как кексы будут отсосаны и переданы на линию охлаждения, пустая форма будет возвращена обратно в машину, перевернута и автоматически промыта воздухом.

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Охлаждающий конвейер и УФ-стерилизация

    Линия охлаждения является последним процессом перед упаковкой. Линия охлаждения и УФ-стерилизации имеет два преимущества:

    • помогает упаковать торт при идеальной температуре;
    • УФ-стерилизация может гарантировать, что торты изготовлены из негигиеничных материалов.

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Упаковочная машина

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Образец торта

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    В зависимости от размера вашего готового торта, наша машина может подойти для различных тортов.

    cake production line | cake making machine | cake machinery & equipment

    Подробнее RFQ о линии по производству тортов

    Q: What is a cake product?

    A: A cake product is a delectable dessert crafted from a mixture of ingredients, primarily including flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, along with various flavorings and leavening agents. It is typically prepared through a baking process that gives the cake its characteristic soft and spongy texture. Cakes come in a wide array of types, from simple sponge cakes to multi-layered and intricately decorated celebration cakes.

    Q: Can the machine make biscuits too?

    A: While our machine specializes in the production of cakes, it is designed specifically for that purpose. Biscuits require a different process and machinery, as they involve distinct forming and baking techniques. If you're interested in producing biscuits, we recommend exploring machines that are tailored for biscuit manufacturing.

    Q: How many pieces can the machine make per hour?

    A: The production capacity of our cake machine varies based on the size and complexity of the cakes being produced. For precise hourly output figures and to discuss how our machine can meet your specific production needs, please contact our sales team for detailed information.

    В: Можете ли вы предложить формулу?

    A: Absolutely, we understand that a key component of cake production is the recipe. Upon purchase, we provide our customers with a comprehensive formula guide that includes a variety of cake recipes. This ensures that you can produce delicious and consistent cake products with your new machine.

    Q: If I order now, how long will it take for me to receive the machine?

    A: The delivery time for our smallest cake machine typically ranges from 20 to 40 days. However, lead times can vary based on several factors, including the specific model, customization options, and current order volume. For the most accurate and up-to-date lead time information, we recommend reaching out to our customer service team before placing your order.

    Q: How is the machine maintained?

    A: Proper maintenance is crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of your cake machine. Upon ordering, you will receive a detailed user manual that outlines the machine's operation, a description of each component, and a schedule for routine maintenance. This guide will help you keep your machine in excellent condition and ensure that it continues to produce high-quality cakes for years to come.


    Why Buy Machines from Us - Manufacturer

    Real Factory, Not a Trading Company

    • Factory Tour Invitation: We invite you to visit our factory and witness our manufacturing process firsthand. See the state-of-the-art facilities and meet the dedicated team behind our high-quality machines. Experience the transparency and integrity that comes with dealing directly with a manufacturer.

    Professional Expertise

    • Decades of Experience: With over 40 years of machine manufacturing experience, our factory stands as a testament to excellence and innovation in the industry.
    • Skilled Design Team: Our team includes 12 highly skilled drawing designers who ensure every machine is meticulously planned and tailored to meet specific requirements.
    • Expert Engineers: We have 20 professional engineers on staff, ready to provide technical support and assistance anytime and anywhere. Their expertise ensures that you receive not only a machine but a comprehensive solution.


    • Robust Workforce: Our modern factory employs over 200 skilled workers who are committed to producing the highest quality machines.
    • Strict Quality Control: We maintain a rigorous quality control system to ensure that every machine meets our exacting standards. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring reliability and performance in every product.
    • Advanced Manufacturing: Utilizing advanced German-standard CNC machining centers, we achieve precision and consistency in every detail of each machine. This technology enables us to handle complex processes with accuracy, resulting in superior products.
    • Custom Solutions: Our professional engineering team works closely with you to develop the best plan according to your specific requirements. Whether you need a customized layout or a unique machine design, we deliver tailored solutions.

    Высококачественные машины

    • GMP Standard Factory: All our machines are manufactured in a GMP-standard facility, ensuring they meet stringent quality and safety standards.
    • Precision Manufacturing: We operate CNC centers that guarantee the precision and accuracy of our machines. This technology allows us to produce components that fit perfectly and operate seamlessly.
    • Superior Materials: Our machines are constructed using SUS304 stainless steel, known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. The sandblasting surface coating adds an extra layer of protection and enhances the aesthetic appeal.

    Comprehensive Services

    • Factory Layout Design: We offer expert assistance in designing the optimal layout for your factory, maximizing efficiency and workflow.
    • 3D-дизайн и планирование проектов: Our 3D design services provide a detailed visualization of your project, ensuring that every aspect is planned meticulously before implementation.
    • Customized Shape Design: We understand that each product is unique, and we offer customized shape design services to meet your specific needs. Our designers work closely with you to create the perfect molds and shapes for your products.
    • Product Formula Development: Our expertise extends beyond machinery to include product formula development. We help you create and refine formulas to ensure your products meet the highest standards of quality and taste.

    Почему выбрали нас?

    • Overseas Service Team: We have a dedicated service team ready to assist you globally, ensuring that you receive support no matter where you are located.
    • Local Service in North America: Our local service in North America ensures quick and efficient support, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
    • Annual Machine Maintenance: We provide annual maintenance services to keep your machines running smoothly and efficiently.
    • 24/7 Parts Center: Our parts center operates around the clock, ensuring that you have access to essential components whenever you need them.
    • Free Factory Layout Design: We offer complimentary factory layout design services to help you optimize your production space.
    • Free Customized Shape Sample: We provide free samples of customized shapes, allowing you to see and test our designs before full-scale production.
    • 3D Display of Equipment Scheme: Our 3D display services give you a clear and detailed view of your equipment setup, aiding in planning and decision-making.
    • Customer Factory Production Tours: We offer tours of customer factories to showcase real-world applications of our machines and demonstrate their reliability and performance.

    Get a Quote Now!

    • Experience the difference with our reliable, high-quality machines and professional support. Contact us today to get a quote and start your journey towards enhanced production efficiency and quality.

    Почему выбрали нас?

    Компания Shanghai Junyu начинала свою деятельность как производитель пищевого оборудования, специализирующийся на различных типах оборудования для пищевой промышленности. В наш ассортимент входят машины для изготовления печенья, машины для производства конфет, машины для производства шоколада, машины для изготовления вафель, машины для изготовления тортов, упаковочные машины и многое другое. Придерживаясь качества и инноваций, мы стремимся предоставлять первоклассное оборудование для удовлетворения разнообразных потребностей наших клиентов в секторе производства продуктов питания.

    Разнообразный ассортимент продукции: Junyu предлагает широкий ассортимент пищевого оборудования, в том числе машины для изготовления печенья, машины для производства конфет, машины для производства шоколада и многое другое, удовлетворяющее различные потребности пищевой промышленности.
    Высококачественное оборудование: Junyu стремится производить высококачественное оборудование, обеспечивающее долговечность, надежность и эффективность процессов производства продуктов питания.
    Инновационные технологии: Делая акцент на инновациях, Junyu интегрирует передовые технологии в свои машины, повышая производительность и производительность своих клиентов.
    Параметры настройки: Junyu предоставляет возможности настройки оборудования в соответствии с конкретными требованиями клиентов, гарантируя, что каждая машина отвечает уникальным потребностям своих пользователей.
    Экспертиза и опыт: Благодаря многолетнему опыту работы в отрасли компания Junyu накопила знания в области производства пищевого оборудования, предлагая клиентам надежную продукцию, подкрепленную отраслевыми знаниями.
    Глобальный охват: Junyu присутствует по всему миру, обслуживая клиентов по всему миру и обеспечивая поддержку и обслуживание там, где это необходимо.

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