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What is the difference between chocolate ball mill machine and chocolate conche machine?

Before answering this question, we would like to introduce the chocolate ball mill machine firstly.

What is chocolate ball mill machine?

It is designed for milling chocolate paste or similar oil-based products by the continuously frictions between high quality 6-8mm steel balls. Chocolate mass will be homogeneously ground into 20-25 microns in the double jacketed steel cylinder. The temperature controller will precisely control the heating and cooling water supplying process to ensure the whole chocolate ball milling process running at the expected temperature.

The chocolate ball refining grinder plays the similar roles as the chocolate conche machine in the chocolate production industry, but they are working in the different grinding method. The conche machine grind the chocolate paste by 30-50 pieces blades and 400-600 pieces ling bars, while the chocolate ball mill grind chocolate by hundreds kilogram of steel balls. They can work together on the other hand to accelerate the grinding process into 2-4 hours a batch of 1000kg or even more chocolate mass.

Chocolate ball mill machines can be customized for industrial scale production, it needs to combined work with the chocolate conche machine for forming a circulation of chocolate mass through the chocolate pump’s delivery.

What is conche machine?

Chocolate conche machine is mainly used for the fine grinding of chocolate paste, also suitable for jam, peanut butter, and other liquid fuel. It is the necessary machine for making chocolate products with the functions of refining, grinding, deodorizing, dehydrating, etc. It is also easy for maintain, durable, leakproof, stable in performance and energy saving.

If you want to set up a chocolate factory, the conche machine needs to be on the list of your machines. If your factory is big with huge production capacity, we suggest to use both ball mill machine and conche machine to save the batch processing time.

No matter what kind of chocolate you want to make, JUNYU will help you to find out suitable machines for you.


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