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Ligne de production automatique de gâteaux | Flux de processus de l'équipement de traitement pour la ligne de production automatique de pan cake

Nous fournissons automatic cake production line,If you are interested in automatic cake production line,You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.

Automatic pan cake production line. This machine produces egg yolk pie filling, cakes, European-style cakes and other cakes of different specifications. It can be adjusted from 10 grams to 50 grams each according to customer needs. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, stable operation and high efficiency. It absorbs high-tech technology and adopts computer program control. It is welcomed by food factories.

Production line equipment process

The main process of the cake production line: raw material mixing → automatic feeding → mold spraying and oiling (putting paper support) → grouting forming → baking → cooling → (filling) → demoulding → sterilization → returning to tray → winding up


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