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What are the characteristics of the automatic pillow packing machine?

Automatic pillow packing machine is a commonly used equipment in packaging machines. The automatic pillow packing machine is used for instant noodles, biscuits, ice cream, rice noodles, glutinous rice balls, chocolate, moon cakes, ice cream, bread, egg yolk pie, seaweed, napkins, soap, electric mosquito coils, medicine and industrial parts single or collective blocks, bulk materials Package.

Main performance and characteristics of automatic pillow packaging machine:

The main control module of the whole machine adopts a programmable design controller based on Siemens (PLC), and the enterprise operation of the whole machine is accurate, stable, safe and reliable. The man-machine management interface is all displayed in Chinese, and it is convenient and quick to set a storage. The main motor realizes stepless speed regulation through configuration and high-quality cultural AC frequency converter. High-precision photoelectric technology detects target tracking, two-way data automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.

The bag length can be adjusted by a toothed chain continuously variable transmission, which is durable, stable, fast and accurate. It is convenient and sensitive to adjust the working device of the conveyor chain during non-stop time. The gravity center type automatic feeder has wide adjustment range, strong applicability, simple and stable. Adjustable end sealing structure makes the sealing more perfect and eliminates the phenomenon of bag cutting.

1. The temperature requirement of the automatic pillow packaging machine is too high, the speed development is too slow, and when the outer layer of the film has poor heat resistance, there will be traces of scorching on the seal. The method of repair is to adjust the speed, lower the working temperature, and replace a film. Material.
2. The knife holder of the automatic pillow packaging machine is too high or too low, the packaging speed is too fast, the push rod is not synchronized with the blade, and the blade cutting. The maintenance method of the product is to reduce the packaging speed, adjust the height of the end seal, and seal the knife The center is in the middle of the product height.
3. The film color code color of the automatic pillow packaging machine is too light, and the film drive is slippery. If the color code tracking is not turned on, the cutting position will deviate from the color code. At this time, the maintenance method is to refer to the packaging machine manual and adjust its sensitivity; in the man-machine dialogue interface, switch the tracking mode to “tracking switch”.
4. The solid-state circuit breaker of the automatic pillow packaging machine burns out, the temperature control meter is damaged, and the temperature meter test cannot effectively control the ambient temperature when the thermocouple is damaged. The repair method is to replace the electric couple, replace the temperature control meter, and replace the heating element .
5. If the speed is too fast, the inner layer of the coating has poor heat sealability, and the seal will leak or become weak when the temperature is too low.
6. The air pressure of the automatic pillow packaging machine is wrong, the swing rod of the cylinder is loose, the heating temperature is low, and the heat press roller and the gearbox roller are not parallel, there will be poor heat sealing. The maintenance method is to adjust the parallelism, adjust the temperature and tighten the air pressure .

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