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Swiss roll production line, this kind of cake does not need a mold, as long as the cutting knife is changed and the speed of the cross-cutting knife is adjusted, it can produce Swiss roll cakes and cut sandwich cakes.

The production line is mainly composed of a mixer, an oil wiping machine, a grouting machine, a gas steel belt tunnel furnace, a reversing machine, a strip cutting device, a core brushing device, a cake turning device, a pressing device, a transverse cutting device, and a cooling conveyor belt And other composition.
The working principle of the production line: directly pour the slurry on the oiled steel belt and enter it into the furnace for baking.

After maturity, it will become a blank ribbon. After being shoveled at the terminal, it will pass through and then return from below for conveying.

At this time, the cake blank ribbon has been turned over. When returning to the bottom of the injection point, it is lifted from the slope to the work platform, and cut into strips longitudinally, filled with the sandwich material, turned over one by one at intervals, pressed on the side one, and then tightened slightly. After being cut, it is the Opie Swiss Roll Cake”.

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