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Как производится шоколад на фабриках?

In factories, chocolate is made using a variety of processes. The first step involves conching, the process by which cocoa butter and sugar are combined. Once the chocolate models are cooled, the chocolate bars are then removed from the models and transported to a packaging machine. They are then packaged in their final form, ready for sale in the market. The chocolate manufacturing process is quite complex. Read on to learn more about this process.


To make chocolate, you must first understand the process of chocolate making. Chocolate making machines act like giant food processors, mixing cocoa powder with water and stirring the mixture until the desired consistency is achieved. Then the chocolate is mixed with milk, sugar, and other ingredients, which are added gradually to achieve the desired consistency and flavor. Once the chocolate has been blended to the desired consistency, it is fed into molds and filled into containers for transport.

Шоколадное масло

Cocoa butter is an important ingredient in chocolate, and is found in almost every type. In addition to its culinary use, cocoa butter is also widely used in soaps, creams, lotions, and cosmetics. It has a pleasant aroma and velvety texture, and is also very stable at room temperature. In addition to being a popular ingredient in chocolate, cocoa butter also has several health benefits. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants and is one of the most stable fats available.


Several types of sugar are used in chocolate manufacturing. While refined white sugar adds sweetness to the chocolate, natural sugars from palm, coconut, maple, and date are often used as well. These sugars must be in crystal form and very dry. They also do not add flavours or aromas. Refined white sugar is also not organic and is not a good choice for chocolate bars. It is better to choose a natural sugar in chocolate recipes.

Соевый лецитин

Soy lecithin is a chemical that naturally occurs in soybeans. However, it is extracted from soybeans using harsh chemical solvents. Soy lecithin is then bleached to a light yellow color. The result is a substance that is not only cheaper to buy but also contains residues of the solvents used to extract it. As such, chocolate made with soy lecithin may contain toxic residues that can cause gastrointestinal problems and other complications.

Cocoa tree

Factory workers prepare the chocolate pieces by hand or by using machines. Chocolates are processed by adding sugar and water to the cocoa powder. These ingredients are blended with milk and sugar until the desired texture, flavor, and color are achieved. After being processed, the pieces of chocolate are fed into moulds to be filled with a variety of fillings. After this, they are packaged and shipped. Here, you can see the process in action.


If you want to know whether Hershey’s chocolate is made in a factory, you might be surprised to know that it’s not. The company’s 11 factories across North America are all environmentally friendly. In fact, Hershey’s no longer routinely disposes of waste in landfills. Milton Hershey started the first recycling center in 1937 and recently added biogas-capturing equipment to his factories.

Scott & Lisa’s

The Smiths have been providing San Antonio with fresh made chocolate for over 10 years. Lisa has spent 20 years in the retail business and Scott has worked in the amusement park trade for 35 years. While they wanted to stay in San Antonio, they were not satisfied with the limited options for making chocolate in factories. For two years, they searched for a new career path. The Smiths’ found their new calling when they discovered a passion for chocolate.

Belgian chocolate

While it is true that Belgian chocolate is made in factories, many of its products are not truly made in Belgium. Many chocolate manufacturers are simply using the term “Belgian” to increase their sales. To counter this trend, you can try to find chocolates that are made in Belgium. Here are some examples of such chocolates. In addition to traditional chocolates, you can also find gourmet and high-end versions. The best place to find authentic Belgian chocolate is at one of the many local chocolate stores.

Почему выбрали нас?

Компания Shanghai Junyu начинала свою деятельность как производитель пищевого оборудования, специализирующийся на различных типах оборудования для пищевой промышленности. В наш ассортимент входят машины для изготовления печенья, машины для производства конфет, машины для производства шоколада, машины для изготовления вафель, машины для изготовления тортов, упаковочные машины и многое другое. Придерживаясь качества и инноваций, мы стремимся предоставлять первоклассное оборудование для удовлетворения разнообразных потребностей наших клиентов в секторе производства продуктов питания.

Разнообразный ассортимент продукции: Junyu предлагает широкий ассортимент пищевого оборудования, в том числе машины для изготовления печенья, машины для производства конфет, машины для производства шоколада и многое другое, удовлетворяющее различные потребности пищевой промышленности.
Высококачественное оборудование: Junyu стремится производить высококачественное оборудование, обеспечивающее долговечность, надежность и эффективность процессов производства продуктов питания.
Инновационные технологии: Делая акцент на инновациях, Junyu интегрирует передовые технологии в свои машины, повышая производительность и производительность своих клиентов.
Параметры настройки: Junyu предоставляет возможности настройки оборудования в соответствии с конкретными требованиями клиентов, гарантируя, что каждая машина отвечает уникальным потребностям своих пользователей.
Экспертиза и опыт: Благодаря многолетнему опыту работы в отрасли компания Junyu накопила знания в области производства пищевого оборудования, предлагая клиентам надежную продукцию, подкрепленную отраслевыми знаниями.
Глобальный охват: Junyu присутствует по всему миру, обслуживая клиентов по всему миру и обеспечивая поддержку и обслуживание там, где это необходимо.

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