how is jam filling jelly ball manufactured in factory

What are the ingredients used to make jam filling jelly balls? What are the different types of pectin? And how do you make your own jelly balls? In this article, you’ll find out. In this article, you’ll learn about the different ingredients, such as Fruit pulp, Sugar, and Gelatin. You can even learn about the different types of saccharin that are used to sweeten fruit pulp.


Making jam filling from fruit doesn’t have to take a long time in a factory. The first step is to prepare the fruit. For making jam from fruit, use the ripe fruits. If you use fruits with low pectin content, they should be combined with commercial or homemade pectin. The pectin in fruit is what creates the jelly network, and it is necessary to add it before cooking. You can also make jam without pectin by cooking it in a pot or pressure cooker for about five minutes.


A jam making process involves blending premeasured amounts of fruit with juice and pectin in industrial-sized kettles. This mixture is then cooked three times and cooled three more times. Afterward, the pectin molecules start bonding with each other to form a 3-dimensional web. The pH level of the mixture is ideally five, and lemon juice or citric acid can be added to balance it. The process requires a certain temperature to set the hydrocolloid structure.

Fruit pulp

A jam making factory will use large industrial cooking kettles to blend premeasured amounts of fruit, juice, pectin, and other ingredients. The mixture is then cooked three times and cooled a final time. Flavorings are also added during the final cooking process. The jam is then pumped to filling machines and presterilized jars are placed along a conveyor belt. Once filled with the jam, the jars are removed from the filling machine.

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You may have heard of saccharin, the artificial sweetener used in fruit juice, diet sodas, and many types of jams. You might also have seen it in candy, gum, and baked goods. Even some salad dressings contain saccharin. While it is not known whether saccharin is harmful to health, it is a common ingredient in many medicines. It may also help you to avoid cavities in your mouth.

Refrigerator/freezer test

You can also perform a refrigerator/freezer test to determine whether your jelly has set properly. To do this, place a small portion of your jelly in the freezer and then immediately remove it. You may also want to use a candy thermometer to test the temperature of the finished jelly. The ideal temperature for a finished jelly is 220degF, which is 8degF above the boiling point of water. Be aware, however, that the temperature of jelly will vary from location to location. If you live at an elevation of 1,000 to 2,000 feet, your jelly will probably be slightly higher or lower than the recommended temperature.


Pectin is a natural plant based soluble fiber that provides structure to the cell walls of many plants. When combined with water, pectin forms hydrocolloid systems. This gel-like substance can be powdered, liquid, or in a natural form. Whether used in a powdered form or liquid, pectin holds the fruit together in a web-like structure.

Sugar concentrations

The temperature at which jam is ready to be poured into a jelly ball is important in setting the right sugar concentration. A good sugar concentration is 65% or higher. This level helps prevent spoilage of fruit. It also acts as an antimicrobial agent by depriving microorganisms of water, which they need to survive. Using sugar with a high concentration preserves fruit’s color and flavor, as well as pectin’s thickening power.

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