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If you’re wondering how is milk tea konjac jelly manufactured, read on. These sweet treats are made using an original, aseptic manufacturing process. The premium ones are also very easy to eat, combining almond milk with whole peeled almonds and 100% Indian black tea, 50% Kyoto matcha, and European cocoa powder. Simply hold them firmly with both hands and cut slowly on the dotted line.


If you have been craving milk tea with a pinch of sugar, you can try milk tea konjac jelly. The jelly is produced in a factory with aseptic production techniques. The ingredient list includes almond milk, whole peeled almonds, 100% Indian black tea, 50% Kyoto matcha, and European cocoa powder. You don’t have to wait for a fancy party or indulgence – you can simply buy some premium konjac and enjoy it right away.

The drinkable konjac jelly contains 13g of carbs, 0.3g of fat, and seven calories. Compared to regular milk tea, it contains zero calories and a low amount of fat. The European Commission has banned it from confectionery products due to concerns about the hazards of konjac to children. In addition to its taste and texture, milk tea konjac jelly is gluten-free.

Extruded several times

The process of making milk tea konjac jelly begins with the preparation of the concoction. The main ingredients are 37 parts sucrose, 0.20.4 potassium chloride, 0.040.08 potassium sorbate, and 2.04.0 parts konjac glucomannan. Then it is extruded several times in a factory. Finished products are then cooled and sliced to order.

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A high proportion of glucomannan is used in making a konjaku pearl. The glucomannan content is much higher than the ratio range. Its chewiness is increased, and the hardness substantially decreases. The resulting product is soft and glutinous. The physicochemical property is also good for the body. This is why milk tea konjac jelly is an excellent food additive.

Chew well

Known as Cincau in some regions, the herbal jelly is made from a Chinese mesona herb. Its creamy consistency is similar to pudding, but without the dairy. Although it lacks dairy, it complements milk tea perfectly. The jelly is available in a variety of flavours, and some even add it to their favorite milk tea recipes. Here are the pros and cons of this jelly:

Unlike xanthan gum, which is fermented sugar, konjac jelly contains high levels of fiber, protein, and glucomannan. This natural sweetener can be added to any soup or used to make konjac noodles for ramen. You’ll know exactly what the grey cubes in your oden or hotpot are if you visit Japan. If you’ve never tasted konjac jelly before, you’ll want to try it!

Sugar levels

While there are some benefits to milk tea with konjac, these beverages aren’t exactly healthy. Although they have a hefty amount of sugar, the conjac fruit has few health benefits. In fact, it contains too much sugar and has been linked to several health problems. In addition to sugar, milk tea with konjac jelly contains no calories, fat, or carbs. The resulting beverage is light and refreshing, and has a taste of caramelized brown sugar.

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One cup of boba milk tea, which contains egg pudding and jelly, provides 250% of the recommended daily allowance for men. This is a surprising amount for a beverage that’s naturally low in calories. However, when you take into account that konjac is a healthy alternative to gelatin, this could be a good choice. It can be a healthy choice for people concerned about sugar content.

Benefícios para a saúde

Milk tea made with Konjac jelly is a dietary supplement that is derived from the konnyaku root, which is native to China and Japan. The root is high in glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fiber made up of glucose and mannose sugars. Its benefits include lowering cholesterol levels, improving digestion, and promoting weight loss. Since it contains zero calories, Konjac jelly is a good alternative to gelatin. For maximum health benefits, it should be consumed with water.

The Royal Milk Tea Konjac Jelly is made from light Konjac. It is flavored with Earl Grey Powder from Sri Lanka, and is a vegan substitute for fish and seafood. It is available in original flavors and can be custom made for orders greater than 2000kg. The jelly is best consumed when chewed well, and should not be given to children. It may cause gastrointestinal problems if consumed in large quantities.

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