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The ideal equipment for the semi-automatic baking processing.

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Rotary oven can be used by diesel, gas or electric heating as energy formation hot air convection circulation, reach the rotary chart (Rotating platform) inside making the temperature and air inside more even, operate at high efficiency and regular circulation. Special designed resistance, air circulation system and prevention of heat loss from chimney, reduce energy consumption and provide to achieve products as desired. Thanks to double-way plate-tube system, high pressure steam is produced and each of the pans is adequately provided with the steam. The steam is prevented from being dispersed in the workshop thanks to the hood and aspirator over the oven. Chassis, baking chamber and baking chamber cover is fully made of stainless steel.


Advantage Of Rotary Oven

  • 0-400°C control
  • Hot air circulation
  • Double fan heating
  • Built-in lightening
  • Long standby
  • Adjustable rotating speed
  • Abnormal alarm available
  • Stainless steel body
  • Safe and stable operation
  • Natural thermal insulation material, care for the health of users
  • Over 20 engineers with many overseas installation experiences
  • Formula available for each customer
  • Quick lead time
  • Technology supporting online within 24 hours
  • Annual maintenance


ModelCapacityChamber sizeCart size
JYR-1230kg/h800*800*1500mm460*610*1400mm x1
JYR-1650kg/h800*800*1700mm460*610*1600mm x1
JYR-32100kg/h1200*1200*1900mm660*810*1700mm x1
JYR-64200kg/h2100*2950*2400mm660*810*1700mm x2
JYR-128400kg/h2550*3550*2400mm660*810*1700mm x4
Tray size: 400x600mm (can customized)







What kind of products can bake in this machine?

What kind of products can bake in this machine? What kind of products can bake in this machine? What kind of products can bake in this machine? What kind of products can bake in this machine?


More RFQ about rotary oven machine

Q: What is the difference between gas oven and electric oven?
A: Normally it is according to the condition for each country, which one is more economical for you.
Q: Can the machine bake different products?
A: Yes, of course. We have different molds for different products. The mold can be customized.
Q: How many pcs can the machine bake per hour?
A: It depends on the product size, weight and the oven type, if you have the product detail, we can calculate for you.
Q: Can the machine bake biscuit and cake in the same time?
A: Yes, we can adjust the distance for each tray according to your request. But normally it needs separate baking because different products need different baking time.
Q: Can you offer the formula?
A: Yes, of course. We will provide the formula for each customer.
Q: If I order now, how long I can get the machine?
A: For the smallest machine, it takes 15-30days. For the exact lead time, it is better to check before your order.
Q: What are the baking solutions you can offer?
A: We can provide gas oven, electric oven, diesel oven, etc.


Why Buy Machine from us – Manufacturer

  • Real factory not trading company

      Let’s have a factory tour with you.

  • Professional

     Our factory has more than 40 years machine manufacturing experience.
     There are 12 drawing designers and 20 professional engineers which can offer your technical support anytime and anywhere.

  • Reliability

      Modern factory has more than 200 workers.
      With strict quality control system, advanced Germany standard
      Machining CNC center provide precise technology process to handle every detail of each machine.
      Our professional engineer team offer you the best plan according to your requirements.

  • High Quality Machines

      All machine made in GMP standard factory
      We have the CNC center to keep the machine precious
      All machine use SUS304 and sandblasting surface coating handling

What can we do for you?

  • Factory layout
  • 3D design & project plan
  • Customized shape design
  • Product formula

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      Good quality.

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      Good quality.

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      The product is firmly packed.

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      Very well worth the money.

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      Good quality.

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      Very fast delivery.

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      Very well worth the money.

    13. Ryder (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery.

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      Very fast delivery.

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      The product is firmly packed.

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      Good quality.

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