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Les machines à fabriquer des boba qui éclatent

There are different ways factories produce juice-dropping balls.

The method of manufacturing depends on the size of the factory, the type of production, and the number of workers.

But in general, all factories use a similar process to make these rolling objects.

These balls are made from steel and other raw materials like sulfur, plastic, and rubber.

As per their shape, they can be either flat or spherical; also known as a sphere or sphere ball.

Usually, these balls are used for testing hydraulic run-outs in oil or gas pipelines.

They are manufactured in factories that have the machinery to make these balls from raw materials.

In most cases, these factories have a team of workers who operate machines and oversee processes simultaneously; with one person taking care of each step of the manufacturing process.

Raw Material Requirements for Making Juice Dropping Balls in Factory

The first step of making juice-dropping balls in a factory is to get the raw materials.

These are either purchased or sourced from other parts of the same facility.

If you are working in a small-sized manufacturing unit, you can easily get the required raw materials from your team.

Due to the limited availability of raw materials, you can source them from a nearby scrapyard.

You can also buy the raw materials from any nearby market.

Now, for making balls that are spherical in shape, you can use any kind of material like steel, aluminum, rubber, and plastic.

For the ball with multiple parts, you can use any material like PVC pipe, steel, aluminum, and galvanized iron.

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Cutting and shaping of raw material

After sourcing the raw materials, the next step is to cut them.

You must be careful while cutting raw materials as they can become dangerous if handled carelessly.

While cutting them, make sure you wear protective goggles and gloves to avoid any injuries.

If you are using a single material, it is advisable to use a special machine to cut them.

But if you are using multiple materials, it can be done manually.

When the raw material is cut, it is put through a hemostatic process to remove blood thorns and other impurities.

During this process, it is also shaped to make it round.

After shaping, the raw materials are washed and stored in a muffle or refrigerator to avoid any oxidation.


The manufacturing process for balls with multiple parts

The manufacturing process for balls with multiple parts is similar for both spherical and flat shapes.

In this process, the raw material is processed and shaped to make the multiple parts of the ball.

After forming the parts, the parts are welded together to make the final product.

As per the requirements of the customer, the raw material used for manufacturing the balls can be either steel, aluminum or PVC.

During this process, the raw material is cleaved, machined, rolled and finally welded together.

For welding, the material is first welded to a disc of welded material.

This welded material is then used to weld the other part of the raw material.

Les machines à fabriquer des boba qui éclatent

Shaping of the ball with multiple parts

During this manufacturing process, the raw material is shaped in a similar manner to make a ball with multiple parts.

Like flat-shaped balls, the raw material is also shaped using the same method.

But in this method, the raw material is shaped by heating it in an open flame.

For this, the material is placed in a furnace and heated until it starts to change shape.

After shaping, the raw material is cooled down in an open flame or a retort to make it round.


The manufacturing process for spheres only

During this process, the raw material is shaped to make spheres that are only round in shape.

The raw material is heated and pressed to make spheres without any additional parts.

After shaping, the spheres are cooled down and made round.


Weaving process for strings with balls

From the manufacturing process for balls with multiple parts, you can make these objects with multiple parts using the weaving process.

You can start this process by getting the strings.

These are of varying thickness and diameter.

The strings can be made of any material like steel, aluminum, or PVC.

The next step is to tie the strings together and make them round.

The round strings are then separated from the balls and allowed to settle down.

Once the strings are settled down, the balls are separated from them.


The final product – Juice Dropping Balls

Finally, the final product is made from the manufacturing process for balls with multiple parts.

The product is shaped and made round.

After making it round, it is made smooth by using a machine.

Then, it is painted in any color and marked with the logo of the manufacturer.

After getting ready, the final product is cooled down and stored in a refrigerator to make it last longer.

These are then picked up, put in a basket and dropped from a height.


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