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Nueva tendencia de maquinaria de alimentos funcionales | Maquinaria para alimentos dulces

New trend of functional food machinery | candy food machinery

Recientemente, el mercado de dulces de CBD continúa evolucionando con marihuana recreativa/CBD legal en 10 estados de EE. UU. y también en Canadá.

California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and the expansion of marijuana products is rapid.

At a talk during the Sweets & Snacks Expo, Marcia Mogelonsky said “There is going to be lots of room to develop chocolate, gum, and candy with recreational marijuana in them and it will be a real game-changer.”

Hard candy, jelly, or biscuit products are some of the fastest ways to get nutrients into the body, more and more people use these products to take over-the-counter drugs (OTC) or dietary supplements.
Such as herbal extracts, cannabinoids, and vitamins. The unique smooth taste and slow release of sugar and biscuits are ideal. These products are not only suitable for functional applications but also can be made from sugar and sugar-free. It is more suitable for more consumer needs.

For the change of market rules, a large number of suppliers and brands have made their improvements including us @jymachinetech, recently, the proportion of inquiries raised 46.8% compared with last year.
For us @jymachinetech, the update of equipment technology to further increase the efficient application of equipment is our goal in the near future.

New trend of functional food machinery | candy food machinery


A: Upgrade the machine materials to stainless steel 316L to match the pharmarcy level
B: The more accurate dosage of active ingredients to save customers materials cost
C: Control hygiene of the machine process as GMP stander
D: Latest technology support for different kind of formula
E: Turnkey services form factory design to install and training

According to the new frontier data in cooperation with ArcView group, a cannabis industry organization, the scale of the national cannabis market may exceed 21 billion US dollars by 2021.
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