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Whether you’re a candy lover or not, you’ve probably wondered how gummy candies are made. Factory workers use starch to mold the candy. It is then loaded into trays, cooled overnight, and then removed. The resulting gummy candy is ready to eat. How are gummies made? In this article, we’ll cover the equipment and raw materials used to produce gummy candies.

Process of making gummy candy

The process of making gummy candy in a factory involves a variety of steps. The ingredients are blended together with functional elements, then demolded and dried in a temperature-controlled room. Once demolded, the candies are packaged. The gummy candy ingredients may contain functional ingredients like vitamins or preservatives. In some cases, citric acid is added to the mixture before it begins the gelification process.

The gummy candy production line consists of several machines that include a cooker for sugar and gelatin, a mixing tank, a pump, and valves. Most of these machines include touchscreens, allowing the operator to design and make gummy candies according to specifications. The machines can handle 350 kilograms of gummy candy per hour. They can produce double or single-colored candies.

Raw materials used

The production of gummy candies involves several steps, starting with the evaluation of incoming raw materials. Compounding machines take the recipe as a basis and pour in the appropriate amount of gummy raw materials into the main mixing tanks. The mixing process can take up to three hours, depending on the recipe. Once the gummies have been created, they must be sent to a Quality Control lab for testing.

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After QC testing, the gummy candy is compounded and transferred to a starch molding machine called a Mogul. This machine automatically performs the various steps needed to make gummy candies. The primary ingredient, starch, is used as a binder to prevent the candy from sticking to the mold and holds it in place during the drying and cooling processes. Additionally, starch helps to keep the candies fresh, as it absorbs moisture.

Equipment used

A gummy making machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment used to produce gummy candies. This machine has several features such as a touch screen control panel, stainless steel construction, and human interface. The machine also requires regular oiling to keep its moving parts from corroding. It comprises a hopper for the products, which moves the fixings to the dissolving or blending tank. Finally, the machine incorporates a forming area.

To create gummy candies, manufacturers use a variety of equipment. The equipment for this process varies in terms of size and power consumption. Generally, it is an automated process, where fixings are loaded into a blending tank with heating and cooling capabilities. The compounding process can take about three hours. Before starting the production process, the blending tank must be properly calibrated at a quality control research center. The equipment must meet specific production requirements and make accurate measurements.

Quality control of gummy candy

Factory workers are trained to perform quality control on gummy candy. They start by evaluating the raw materials. These are checked for various characteristics like texture, color, and odor. Then, samples are compared to standards, such as pH levels, viscosity of liquids, and particle size. These are then sent to quality control labs. Once the quality control lab approves the batch, the candy is then produced.

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To achieve high production levels, manufacturers should use advanced equipment. They should invest in modern machines to ensure that they produce the highest quality gummy candy. A single line can process approximately 350 kilograms of gummy candy every hour. Factory workers should also be familiar with non-sugar sweeteners, such as Stevia and Xylitol, because they melt at different temperatures from gelatin. They should also invest in high-end machinery, as well as advanced water activity meters.

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