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Have you ever wondered how a cake is made in a factory? If you have, you are not alone! Factories produce all types of baked goods, including cakes and pastries. Depending on the type of cake, temperature and humidity are controlled very carefully. After the cake is baked, its surface is sprayed with water to make it more pliable. This allows it to take on a baked coloring.


Pastries are a form of food production. In factories, the ingredients are mixed and baked. They are usually made into pies, pastries, and doughnuts. The first step in making a pastry is preparing the dough. Pastry bags, which are often cone-shaped, are used to draw a uniform stream of dough. These bags are also used to decorate the baked items, such as pastries. Pastry cream is traditionally made with eggs, sweetened milk, and vanilla. Pastries are also rolled out on a pastry board, which is usually made of wood or marble. The next step is to use a pastry brake, which has counter-rotating rollers. The smaller the pastry brake, the better.

The manufacturing process of pastries involves several steps. A dough processing line requires a high-speed mixer, a dough mixer, and other equipment. These steps are done simultaneously to make the product. A pastry factory has a range of different machines that are used for various baking processes. These machines may have many different functions. If the bakery is not producing enough products, it may be due to a lack of space. A bakery may not be able to handle the equipment needed for making a pastry, and this can lead to a lack of product quality.

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Sponge cakes

How sponge cakes are made in factories starts with the preparation of the cake ingredients. This recipe includes the ingredients that create the sponge cake’s swollen state. After mixing the ingredients together, the mixture is prepared for baking. The oven heats up the batter to 204 degrees F and then bakes the cake for 15 to 20 minutes. The sponge cake stays swollen after cooking. Moreover, it is made to order so it will have different properties according to the target market.

The process of baking a Victoria sponge involves different tools. Different stages of the process require different tools. The main objective of this method is to prevent gas bubbles from escaping from the product. The process also involves the use of gluten, a substance similar to that of a hot air balloon. Gluten rises to enable the product to expand. When the gluten rises to a critical temperature, newly formed egg protein networks step up and trap the gas bubbles.

Mayonnaise cakes

The Mayonnaise Cake is a delicious dessert that originated during the Depression. The recipe for this cake was developed by a food concern, Hellmann’s. It uses mayonnaise, fresh eggs, and selected spices, and is topped with lemon juice for flavor. The mayonnaise cake has a dense and moist texture, and is not runny or thin. It also makes a great gift!

This famous dessert is produced in factories to meet a high standard of quality. People used to think that homemade mayonnaise spoils quickly, but this is not the case. It can remain unopened for months and is even longer when refrigerated. Because commercial mayonnaise has been pasteurized, it has a longer shelf life than homemade mayonnaise. So, why is the mayonnaise cake so popular?

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Because mayonnaise is an emulsion, it is difficult to mix the two ingredients in an ordinary cake. The ingredients are eggs, water, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, vinegar, spices, and egg yolk. The eggs are blended and then slowly added to the oil. The mixture is then stirred together, and the oil is strained with a basket strainer to remove chunks. The strainer is a vital piece of equipment that manufacturers must keep on hand.


The basic ingredients of genoise cake are eggs, sugar, and flour. It is flavored with vanilla extract and can be paired with a fruit curd or buttercream for a delicious dessert. Factory-made genoise cakes are more expensive than home-baked versions, but still have a similar taste and texture. Here are some tips for making genoise cakes at home.

First, you should remember that genoise cakes are usually dry, rather than moist. But, they are incredibly versatile. You can use them to create layers in cakes like black forest, vanilla, and tiramisu. The difference lies in the type of sugar used. If you want to produce a finer cake, you can use Caster sugar instead of Granulated sugar. This will produce more moisture.

Another key difference between sponge and genoise cakes is their texture. A genoise cake is much lighter than a sponge cake, which is typically filled with a buttercream. It has a mild flavor and a light texture, which makes it a popular tea time treat. Genoise cakes are made by beating egg yolks and sugar until light and fluffy. When preparing this cake, it is also necessary to add air to the batter.

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