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Cookie biscuit machine|How to make butter florets with a cookie maker?

Baked foods such as biscuits, egg yolk pies, and puffed foods account for half of the snack foods, and consumers are increasingly favoring these baked goods. In the foreseeable future, the cookie machine industry, as a relatively large industrial cluster in the food industry, will show a rapid development momentum in the next few decades.

The choice of machinery depends on the practicality of the production and packaging effects. The effect is only quality, and durability and wear resistance are not tried out, and time proof. The quality of the cookie maker affects the production quality and safety of the food industry, and the knives in the cookie maker are in direct contact with food production and food packaging, so the choice of cookie cutters is very important.

The cookie machine is divided into two categories: electric heating and fuel oil. It has automatic temperature control, over-temperature protection, timing, humidification, hot air circulation, food in the oven, rotating baking, uniform color, and fast production.
The process of producing butter florets by cookie machine:
Formula: Cocoa powder, high-gluten noodles, low-gluten noodles, corn starch, milk powder, almond powder, butter, salt, powdered sugar, milk, condensed milk
Production points: ①Keep the butter temperature at about 24 degrees during operation, it is easy to liquefy when it is too high, and it is not easy to dispose of it when it is too low.

② Sift into low-gluten noodles and mix evenly. If you want to eat chocolate flavor or matcha flavor, you can add 5g of cocoa powder or matcha powder, minus the same weight of low-gluten flour.
③The ratio of butter to flour of 1:1, butter to flour, increases the ratio of butter, makes cookies crisp, and has a strong butter flavor.④Preheat the oven at 130 degrees for 10 minutes and bake for 35 minutes.

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