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Вертикальная автоматическая взвешивающая и упаковочная машина

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This machine is suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as: puffy food, crispy rice, jelly candy, pistachio apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, medicine, pet food, small hardware’s etc. package.



  • PLC computerized control system, more steady operation.
  • Storage 10 groups parameters for easier replace products  
  • Servo Motor Packing film dragging, precise Positioning
  • Independent temperature control systems, precision can reach ± 1
  • Independent control for Horizontal seal, vertical seal can be a good application of various composite film, PE film packaging material. 
  • Packaging style diversification, back sealing, Gusseted; continue bags, punching and so on.
  • Product bag, sealing, packaging, date printing, all finish in one-time
  • Perfect combination of high-precision and high-speed.
  • Instantaneously computing and selecting the best value from various weighting values
  • High-precision digital type weighting sensor brings the instantaneously weighting
  • Chinese/English etc various language LED operation system
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof design. All parts are made of stainless steel, clean and sanitary. Full Sealed design prevents the accumulation of material and easy cleaning.
  • Was measured according to the characteristics of material, recording the first batch of the total number of packages passing rate and single-bag error of such indicators.
  • Optional devices: pattern scale hopper, set hopper, printing devices, ultra-poor sorting device.


Technical Parameter for the main machine:

Machine details:


Vertcal Automatic Wwighing And Packaging Machine


Products Feeding

Max. width of roll film420mm520mm
 Bag length80-300mm(L)80-300mm(L)
Bag width50-200mm(W)80-250 mm(W)
Packaging Speed50-250bag/min (depends on the size)10-50 bag/min (depends on the size)
Measuring range150-1200ml2000ml (MAX)
Power voltage220V/2.2kw220V/4kw
Weight of machine540 кг800 кг


Vertcal Automatic Wwighing And Packaging Machine

10 heads weighing system

Vertcal Automatic Wwighing And Packaging Machine


Main machine

Vertcal Automatic Wwighing And Packaging Machine


Ztype elevator

Vertcal Automatic Wwighing And Packaging Machine

Packing bag reference


Vertcal Automatic Wwighing And Packaging Machine







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