Máquina de moldagem de chocolate | Linha de produção de chocolate

    Chocolate Molding Machine: Your Complete Solution for Chocolate Production

    Resumo do Produto: The Chocolate Molding Machine and Production Line by [Your Company Name] is a state-of-the-art, fully automatic system designed to streamline the entire chocolate-making process, from conching and tempering to molding and packaging. With a variety of capacities, it's an ideal fit for chocolate factories of all sizes, from small artisanal workshops to large industrial operations.

    Principais recursos e benefícios:

    • Complete Process Automation: Handles conching, tempering, molding, and packaging in one seamless workflow.
    • Versatility in Production: Capable of producing single-color, two-color (left-right or upper-lower), and slush-filled chocolates.
    • Customizable Molds: Offers a range of shapes and designs, with the option for custom shapes and weights tailored to customer requirements.
    • Mold Sizes: Available in various dimensions, including 27517530mm, 32020030mm, 51020030mm, and 400x800x30mm.
    • Fully Automated Production Line: Designed and built according to your specific requests, ensuring a perfect fit for your production needs.
    • Ease of Operation: Our experience and support allow you to start production without prior knowledge of the process.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Capacity: Scales to meet the needs of large, medium, and small chocolate factories.
    • Chocolate Types: Suitable for a variety of chocolate products, including pure chocolates, center-filled, and two-color options.

    Customization & Application:

    We provide a wide range of molds for different chocolate shapes and offer customization services to meet the unique demands of your brand. Whether you're looking for traditional or innovative designs, we can create molds that bring your vision to life.


    Q: What is a chocolate molding machine? A: A chocolate molding machine is an advanced piece of equipment that automates the process of making various types of chocolate products. It shapes, fills, and finishes chocolate pieces using precise molds.

    Q: Can the machine produce different types of chocolates? A: Yes, our chocolate molding machine is designed to produce a wide variety of chocolate products. With different molds, you can create single-color chocolates, two-color chocolates, and even slush-filled chocolates.

    Q: What is the production capacity of the machine per hour? A: The production capacity varies based on factors such as product size, weight, and oven type. We can provide a detailed calculation based on your specific product details.

    Q: Do you provide installation and debugging services? A: Yes, we offer professional on-site installation and debugging services to ensure your machine is set up correctly and operates efficiently.

    Q: Can you offer chocolate recipes or formulas? A: Absolutely, we provide tailored chocolate formulas for each customer to ensure optimal taste and quality.

    Q: What is the lead time for the machine if I order now? A: The lead time for our smallest machine is typically 15-30 days. However, it's best to check with our sales team for the most accurate lead time, especially during busy periods.

    Q: What payment methods do you accept? A: We accept a variety of payment terms, including Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) with a 30% deposit against the contract before production and 70% before delivery, Letter of Credit (LC) at sight, and other negotiable methods.

    Why Choose Our Chocolate Molding Machine?

    • Expertise: Over 20 engineers with extensive experience in overseas installations.
    • Customization: From molds to the entire production line, we tailor our solutions to your needs.
    • Support: Quick response times for technical support and annual maintenance services.
    • Confiabilidade: A real factory with a proven track record and commitment to quality.

    Faça uma cotação agora: For a personalized quote and to learn more about our Chocolate Molding Machine and Production Line, contact us today.

    Peças da máquina de depósito de chocolate

    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate


    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate

    Moinho de bolas

    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate


    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate


    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate

    Túnel de resfriamento

    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate


    Adição de nozes

    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate



    Modelo JY 275 JY 320 JY 510 JY800
    Capacidade (kg/hora) 100-200 100-220 100-380 500kg/h
    Placa do molde (mm) 275*175*30 320*200*30 510*200*30 400x800x30
    Velocidade de depósito (vezes/min) 5-15 8-15 8-15 8-15


    Que tipo de chocolate pode fazer nesta máquina?

    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate

    Chocolate com nozes

    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate

    Cores mutáveis

    máquina de moldar chocolate | linha de produção de chocolate


    Why Choose Junyu for Your Chocolate Molding Machine and Production Line Needs?

    Global Support Network:

    • Overseas Service Team: Benefit from our dedicated team that provides international support, ensuring your needs are met regardless of your location.

    Local Expertise:

    • North America Local Service: Rely on our local service in North America for tailored support and rapid response to your inquiries and service needs.

    Maintenance and Support:

    • Animal Machine Maintenance: Experience peace of mind with our proactive maintenance services designed to keep your machinery operating at peak performance.
    • 24/7 Parts Center: Access our parts center anytime, ensuring you have the components you need, when you need them, to minimize downtime.

    Customization and Design Services:

    • Free Factory Layout Design: Take advantage of our complimentary layout design services to optimize your production space and workflow.
    • Free Customized Shape Samples: Receive free samples of customized chocolate shapes to evaluate our capabilities and quality before committing to production.
    • Product Formula Design: Collaborate with our experts to create unique and delicious chocolate formulas tailored to your brand's identity.
    • Machine Design: Work with our team to design machinery that fits your specific production requirements and exceeds industry standards.

    Technological Advancements:

    • 3D Display of Equipment Scheme: Utilize our 3D technology to visualize the layout and operation of your new equipment, allowing for better planning and understanding.

    Transparency and Trust:

    • Customer Factory Production Tour: Witness our production process firsthand by touring our facilities, reinforcing the trust in our capabilities and professionalism.
    • Real Factory Professional & Reliability: Choose confidence in our real factory operations, backed by a reputation for professionalism and reliability in the industry.

    Quick Response and Easy Engagement:

    • Faça uma cotação agora: Easily obtain a personalized quote and initiate a conversation about your specific needs and how we can support your chocolate production journey.

    Porque escolher-nos?

    A Shanghai Junyu começou como fabricante de equipamentos alimentícios, especializada em diversos tipos de máquinas para a indústria alimentícia. Nossa linha inclui máquinas para fazer biscoitos, máquinas para fazer doces, máquinas para fazer chocolate, máquinas para fazer wafers, máquinas para fazer bolos, máquinas de embalagem e muito mais. Com o compromisso com a qualidade e a inovação, nos esforçamos para fornecer equipamentos de primeira linha para atender às diversas necessidades de nossos clientes no setor de fabricação de alimentos.

    Gama diversificada de produtos: A Junyu oferece uma ampla variedade de equipamentos para alimentos, incluindo máquinas para fazer biscoitos, máquinas para fazer doces, máquinas para fazer chocolate e muito mais, atendendo a diversas necessidades da indústria alimentícia.
    Máquinas de alta qualidade: A Junyu tem o compromisso de produzir equipamentos de alta qualidade, garantindo durabilidade, confiabilidade e eficiência nos processos de produção de alimentos.
    Tecnologia inovadora: Com foco na inovação, a Junyu integra tecnologia avançada em suas máquinas, melhorando o desempenho e a produtividade de seus clientes.
    Opções de personalização: A Junyu oferece opções de personalização para adequar as máquinas de acordo com as necessidades específicas do cliente, garantindo que cada máquina atenda às necessidades exclusivas de seus usuários.
    Conhecimento e Experiência: Com anos de experiência na indústria, a Junyu desenvolveu experiência na fabricação de equipamentos para alimentos, oferecendo aos clientes produtos confiáveis apoiados pelo conhecimento da indústria.
    Alcance global: A Junyu tem presença global, atendendo clientes em todo o mundo e fornecendo suporte e serviços sempre que necessário.

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