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The first step in the manufacturing of agar jelly balls is heating the agar to a temperature at which it will set and not unset. Most gels can withstand temperatures from 0degC to 80degC before unsetting. Typically, agar gels cannot be heated above this temperature because they are too delicate. To avoid melting, agar gels can be blended with other ingredients to make them more elastic.

Agar is a natural product of seaweed. It has many applications, including being a vegetarian substitute for gelatin. This product thickens and clarifies foods and is also used to make custards. Its firm texture and bite are perfect for custards and puddings. In fact, agar jelly is also used in making ptich’ye moloko, a popular Russian dessert.

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Agar is a natural product found in seaweed. It is practically insoluble in cold and hot water, and must be extracted using appropriate redox and pH conditions. Hydrolysis can increase agar’s solubility, but this also reduces its molecular weight. The manufacturing process relies on agar’s soluble properties in hot water, and excessive molecular weight reduction can reduce yields.

Once the agar has cooled, it can be blended with liquid, such as water, in a blender. An immersion blender is recommended for agar gel production, as it ensures even dispersion and proper hydration. A standard blender can also incorporate extra air, which will reflect light. The resulting mixture will be transparent to the naked eye and slightly firm. Its consistency can be molded into a ball.

The first step in the manufacturing process is evaluating the algal resources. Before starting the operation, countries should determine the quantity and quality of agar in seaweed. The amount and quality of agar in seaweed will determine its practical use. It is highly recommended to consult with experienced agar manufacturers to help determine the best agar product for the purpose. When selecting a supplier, make sure to carefully analyze the raw materials that the manufacturer uses.

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Agar jelly Balls are made in a factory, which is also known as an agar processing plant. The production of agar balls involves different steps. These steps vary depending on the seaweed used. For example, Gracilaria seaweed factories consume more water than others, but this increases as the amount of agar needed increases. Water consumption is controlled by designing the factory to be suitable for the product. The design must take into account the amount of seaweed used, because excessive water consumption could make the project less profitable or incur greater investment.

The gelation process begins from a solution and progresses from there to a left-handed dual helix formed by the formation of hydrogen bonds. To prevent the formation of hydrogen bonds, a proton-catching agent is added. This agent prevents the gelation of agar and agarose and produces a solution similar to glycerin. Once the proton-catching agent is removed, the gel formation process can resume.

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