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Vertical automatic weighing and packaging machine

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This machine is suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as: puffy food, crispy rice, jelly candy, pistachio apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, medicine, pet food, small hardware’s etc. package.



  • PLC computerized control system, more steady operation.
  • Storage 10 groups parameters for easier replace products  
  • Servo Motor Packing film dragging, precise Positioning
  • Independent temperature control systems, precision can reach ± 1
  • Independent control for Horizontal seal, vertical seal can be a good application of various composite film, PE film packaging material. 
  • Packaging style diversification, back sealing, Gusseted; continue bags, punching and so on.
  • Product bag, sealing, packaging, date printing, all finish in one-time
  • Perfect combination of high-precision and high-speed.
  • Instantaneously computing and selecting the best value from various weighting values
  • High-precision digital type weighting sensor brings the instantaneously weighting
  • Chinese/English etc various language LED operation system
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof design. All parts are made of stainless steel, clean and sanitary. Full Sealed design prevents the accumulation of material and easy cleaning.
  • Was measured according to the characteristics of material, recording the first batch of the total number of packages passing rate and single-bag error of such indicators.
  • Optional devices: pattern scale hopper, set hopper, printing devices, ultra-poor sorting device.


Technical Parameter for the main machine:

Machine details:



Products Feeding

Max. width of roll film420mm520mm
 Bag length80-300mm(L)80-300mm(L)
Bag width50-200mm(W)80-250 mm(W)
Packaging Speed50-250bag/min (depends on the size)10-50 bag/min (depends on the size)
Measuring range150-1200ml2000ml (MAX)
Power voltage220V/2.2kw220V/4kw
Weight of machine540kg800kg


10 heads weighing system


Main machine


Ztype elevator

Packing bag reference