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Rotary printing molder for soft biscuit Factory

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  • Dual power drive, rotary molder, and conveyor can be adjusted separately;
  • Endless canvas belt, seamless connection, better biscuit molding effect;
  • The high degree of automation by electrical control
  • The forming part with pressure regulating device and water coating device
  • The conveyor belt-automatically tensioned and adjusted
  • Remaining material recovery device
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This machine is very easy to operate, just put the stirred flour dough into the machine hopper. It is formed at one time into any shape biscuit you want.

Rotary printing molder for soft biscuit Factory
The forming speed can be adjustable, and the machine is small in size to save space.

And it is suitable for news who wants to start biscuit production in low budget and small factory.

The conveyor belt consists of a carbon steel frame, stainless steel sliding surfaces, and two rubber rollers. Inlet and outlet are equipped with a reduced diameter nose that allows a better passage of the dough sheet. The belt speed can be controlled by the electric panel of the lamination line.


Working temperature 0~50Co

    16 reviews for Rotary printing molder for soft biscuit Factory

    1. Mason (verified owner)

      Good quality.

    2. Samuel (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery.

    3. Nolan (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery.

    4. Angel (verified owner)

      The product is firmly packed.

    5. Julian (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery.

    6. Leo (verified owner)

      The product is firmly packed.

    7. Owen (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery.

    8. Henry (verified owner)

      Good quality.

    9. Edward (verified owner)

      Very well worth the money.

    10. Isaac (verified owner)

      Good service.

    11. Owen (verified owner)

      Good quality.

    12. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

      Good service.

    13. Isaac (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery.

    14. Nathaniel (verified owner)

      The product is firmly packed.

    15. Zane (verified owner)

      Good quality.

    16. Kayden (verified owner)

      Good service.

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