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How is Popping Boba Manufactured in Factory?

how is popping boba manufactured in factory

Popping boba is a popular snack that is manufactured using a special machine. This machine uses jam, or other sweet and sour materials, to create a tasty and refreshing treat. The outer coating is made from recycled material. The machines are designed to have clean, sanitary conditions. In addition to being a popular snack, popping boba machines are also used in other foods, including bubble tea, ice cream, cake decorations, and egg tart filling. These machines are relatively new and are being used for a wide variety of food products.

Colloid mill

A colloid mill is a device used for finely grinding semi-fluid materials. The mill helps sodium alginate dissolve in water, increasing its dissolution rate. The machine can be adjusted for various outputs by adjusting the gap between the grinding teeth. The forming system includes a material tray conveying system, a sodium alginate circulation system, and a cleaning system. It is easy to use and maintain.

Another important advantage of this equipment is its high degree of automation. Its PLC control system makes it easy to operate and has a reasonable design. It also requires less raw material than traditional methods. Because of its high efficiency, it requires very little manpower and wastes less. Besides, it can be used for a variety of other purposes, such as making bubble tea, ice cream, or filling an egg tart. With these features, it is easy to see why popping boba is becoming increasingly popular.


The spherification process involves adding a small amount of calcium to a liquid food to make it more solid. The calcium in the liquid must be at a pH level above 3.6. Sodium alginate or calcium lactate can be used instead of calcium chloride. However, calcium lactate tastes better. Also, it is more expensive than calcium chloride. Calcium lactate is 13% calcium and fairly soluble in water, which makes it an ideal ingredient for reverse spherification.

The process of spherification of popping boba is very simple and easy to do. If you’re looking for a kitchen science experiment, you’ll find that a spherification kit from Science Buddies Store is an excellent choice. These kits contain the materials you need to make boba or spherification caviar. They’re easy to assemble and fill.

Floating system

Popping boba originated in the field of molecular gastronomy, a branch of science focusing on the physical and chemical changes that occur in food. The process of spherification involves mixing a substance known as sodium alginate with calcium chloride. This produces a gel-like substance that forms a thin layer around the juice. A pH-controlled solution is required to achieve optimum spherification.

Floating boba has several benefits. Unlike tapioca pearls, they do not require cooking, which means that they can be enjoyed straight from the jar. Floating boba is also a healthy source of topping, which makes them popular with people of all ages and lifestyles. Floating boba is available from retailers, including Tea Zone. These systems are resealable and can be consumed right out of the jar.

Filtration system

A good filtering system is the key to the success of your popping boba factory. A filtering system should be able to prevent debris and other impurities from entering the boba filling machine. In addition, it should have the ability to filter the air, ensuring the boba filling machine has clean air. Regardless of the size of your pop boba factory, a filtering system is an integral part of its operation.

Popping boba manufacturing requires three types of liquids – a fruit juice inside the pop, a sodium alginate coagulation solution on the surface, and a protective liquid on the exterior. Adding the correct amount of calcium to your liquid mix is essential for making high-quality popping boba. A filtering system for this liquid is an integral part of a high-speed pop boba production line.

Cleaning system

Popping boba is an extremely popular food and beverage. A high-speed production line for popping boba uses several distinct systems to make the dessert. The forming system involves the use of a material tray conveying system, a sodium alginate circulation system, and a cleaning and filtration system. The machines are designed to meet the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene, and are highly productive. In addition to popping boba, the manufacturing process also involves other food products, such as ice cream, cake decoration, and egg tart filling.

Proper maintenance of poppers helps keep the equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Not only does it improve the production process, but it also contributes to the machine’s long-term performance. A well-maintained machine means a shorter start-up time and higher production cycles. A quality production line helps a manufacturer build a long-term cooperative relationship with their customers. Make sure your factory purchases a stainless steel popping boba maker machine. Stainless steel is an extremely durable material that is easy to clean.


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Popping boba machines are typically equipped with a jam hopper and SUS pans, a cleaning system, and a jam receptacle. These machines are made from stainless steel and meet sanitation standards. Additionally, these machines can be used in bubble tea, ice cream, cake decoration, and egg tart filling, among other food products. To learn more about the advantages of popping boba machines, click here.