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    Marshmallow Production Line: Crafting Fluffy Confectionery Perfection

    Product Overview: Our Marshmallow Production Line is a state-of-the-art system designed for the continuous and efficient production of a wide variety of cotton candies, commonly known as marshmallows. These confectionery delights are available in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes, offering a customizable and versatile production process.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • High Aeration Quality: Our creator machine produces marshmallows that are delicately smooth and luxuriously fluffy, ensuring a premium quality product.
    • Versatile Extrusion Capabilities: The extruder machine is capable of producing up to 4 colors at single nozzles, allowing for a multitude of shapes and twisted marshmallow ropes.
    • Innovative Deposition Technology: Our depositor machine specializes in creating center-filled marshmallows with various fillings such as jam or chocolate, and even dual-colored marshmallows reminiscent of ice cream toppings.
    • Automatic Drying System: An integrated drying system that requires no manual intervention until the packing stage, streamlining the production process and reducing labor costs.
    • Customizable Recipes: We offer a range of formulas, including Halal-type gelatin recipes, to cater to diverse market needs and preferences.

    Model Specifications:

    • Model JYM-500: Production capacity 50-100 kg/hour, belt width 500 mm.
    • Model JYM-800: Production capacity 120-200 kg/hour, belt width 800 mm.
    • Model JYM-900: Production capacity 150-300 kg/hour, belt width 900 mm.
    • Model JYM-1200: Production capacity 300-500 kg/hour, belt width 1200 mm.

    Components & Capabilities:

    • Aerator: For optimal aeration and texture.
    • Extruder: For shaping and color combination.
    • Depositor: For precise filling and deposition.
    • De-starch: To ensure a smooth and non-grainy texture.
    • Drying System: For even and efficient drying of the marshmallows.
    • Nozzles: Available in various designs for different marshmallow shapes.

    Product Range:

    • Mutiful Shapes: A variety of shapes to suit different tastes and occasions.
    • Center Filled: Marshmallows with a surprise filling in the center.
    • Rotary Striped: Marshmallows with a spiral pattern for an eye-catching appearance.
    • Ice Cream Core Marshmallow: Dual-colored marshmallows perfect for ice cream toppings or standalone treats.

    Why Choose Our Marshmallow Production Line?

    • Overseas Service Team: Dedicated support from our international service team.
    • North America Local Service: Local service for North American customers.
    • Animal Machine Maintenance: Regular maintenance to keep your machines running smoothly.
    • 24/7 Parts Center: Access to parts anytime, ensuring minimal downtime.
    • Free Factory Layout Design: Customized factory layout design to optimize production flow.
    • Free Customized Shape Sample: Samples of customized marshmallow shapes to meet specific demands.
    • Product Formula Design: Assistance in formulating the perfect marshmallow recipe.
    • Machine Design: Tailored machine design to fit your production needs.
    • 3D Display of Equipment Scheme: A visual representation of the equipment setup for better planning.
    • Customer Factory Production Tour: An opportunity to visit our factory and witness the production process firsthand.

    Professional & Reliable Real Factory:

    Our commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in our real factory operations, ensuring that you receive a professional and dependable service.

    Get a Quote Now:

    For personalized pricing and to learn more about our Marshmallow Production Line, contact us today.

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